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    24V jump box

    So I have a few humvees to move coming up soon and I decided that since a few of them cut off when the slave cable is removed, I'd find a more portable setup. Checked all around and the Jump N Carry JNC 12/24 had pretty good reviews, so I coughed up the $325 for it. I figured it would be as...
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    Thank you to ZiggyO

    ZiggyO is one of those stand up, do what he says, credit to the community, kind of guys. Picked up my parts in Indy and met me at the MVPA convention then only wanted a little bit of nothing for his troubles. I cannot say enough about the guy except he is top, top notch. It was great to meet him...
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    Hmmwv roll bar from Indy to MD

    Anyone rolling through south Indianapolis that could pick up a 3 piece C Pillar and bring it east for a fee?
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    Gator Yanmar 3TN injector heat shield removal.

    All three of mine are stuck in the injector bores. Anyone develop a tool or way to pull them?
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    GoDove HMMWV GMV, Anyone get EUC?

    M1025A2 GMV's Of everyone who bought one, has anyone heard anything regarding approval to pick up?
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    Respectfully suggest a Growler forum as well.

    As the title imparts. Thank you moderators.
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    GMV roof holes

    Noticed on quite a few of the Dovebid Army GMV's that they had an approximately 10" square holes cut into the right rear corner of the roofs, which were all patched. Any former operators out there know what it was for?
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    M1025A2's who bought one of the 8

    Auctions over so I guess its safe to discuss. Who picked up any of the eight sold yesterday? Did anyone notice any interesting bidding patterns from competing bidders?
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    ID this Blackout light

    And where can I get one?
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    SUV crashes into, causes HMMWV to flip.
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    Runaway Humvee

    Anyone else see this? Wonder if it was privately owned or military?
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    Auctioned off with an intact weapons station

    I find it interesting that the Marine Corps / DOD / DLA is requiring the removal of the weapons stations on the most recent batch of GP HMMWV slant backs, yet the Government allowed this M923 (item number 935644) to be sold with the turret intact. Not sure if it being located in Guam has...
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    Anyone R & R a rear wheel housing

    Have the need to replace a right rear wheel housing due to damage. Anyone who did one, what advice do you have? Thanks, L
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    Anyone deal with "Advanced Vehicles Assembly Humvee" before?

    They have some interesting stuff, including fiberglass X doors, but pricing isn't available without a dealer login.
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    My Ad deleted. Seeking moderator clarification.

    Not sure why. I am a premium member and the deal was not 100% done. Help me understand.
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    Maryland military vehicle policy/legislation .... need input.

    Through some back channel conversations with the Maryland State Police, I have been informed that how they, and the Maryland MVA will handle former military vehicles in the future is a topic that will be vetted very soon. The resulting policies and recommendations will likely be used to alter...
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    19 degrees here, she started right up

    Been sitting out in the cold without running for a week, took a full second to start. Twice as long as is normal for the 6.5. I attribute it to my battery disconnect, S3 box and a good set of glow plugs. Knock wood.
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    Windshield rubber

    Ok, I feel the need to preface this by saying I'm really not a moron, but, I've got a windsheild rubber that I cannot get a twist out of. I've figure eighted it and twisted it till the cows come home. Is it possible these are hand joined and I got a twisted one? I'm at a loss.
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    Marine Corp HMMWV undercoat

    Does anyone know what this stuff is? Or where to get it?
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    80 mph speedos, which model came with them?

    Picked up a couple of 6.5 NA drivelines last week. They were 2010 GEP blocks and both TC's had the electronic speedometer sending units. Just wondering what they came out of.
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