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    1980's Air Force deuce horn button

    I have a 1985 M35a2c that needs a horn button. I saw there is an "old style" that's common and a "new style". Was the new style a replacement after the last AF deuce was made in 1989? or did the AF specify the old style horn button on their trucks? It was confusing when looking for a...
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    I have a M1028 dually but no data plate other than the original one. It was an Air Force truck, they must not have cared enough about the plate. I have seen pictures of many of these trucks and the rear fender reflectors and lights can look quite different. How how many years did they do these...
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    M151a1 ROMAD's jeep

    I know so little about this subject that even posting a title for this thread is uncertain. I know what ROMAD stands for, what I'd like to know, is more about is the radio equipment, and the M151a1 jeep that carried it. They were USAF jeeps that I think were designated 65Kxx with the x's being...
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    Windshield replacement problems

    Hello, I have 2 new windshields and 2 old hinges. The old windshields hung fine, but the new ones hang too low, they won't close. Tried everything I can think of. Do I need new hinges? The old hinges slide on fine, The old windshields had a more rounded design that makes up the hinge. Anybody...
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    Field find Deuce question

    I brought home another Deuce today. It has been sitting 18 to 20 years. It was driven in to where it sat and never moved. We went to pull it out and the back duals would not turn. The E brake was not stuck and neither were the drum brakes. Something is locked up in the drive train. The clutch...
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    unidentified towed object

    I got this UTO from the government. I think it was built for the military. It says it has a serial number, but I haven't found it. The paperwork I have for it says it cost $4474. I've has this trailer quite a few years and it has become rusty. I intend to sandblast it and repaint it. It was used...
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    Fake CUCV M1009

    I've thought about doing this, because I'm getting old and the real thing is not noted for it's creature comforts. I've seen guys put in AC, sound proofing, seats, stereo, ect, but I haven't seen anyone take an 84 diesel Silverado Blazer and add on all the military parts from bumper to bumper...
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    Operating instructions for a M45 a2 530b

    I would like to know the correct procedure for pumping water from the tank. I have it full of water and want to see what happens. I want to make sure I do everything in the correct step. Something as simple as switching from road to pump I'm not sure about. Next weekend I'll be up there again...
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    Bummer of a load out

    You win some and then you lose some. This one was a huge disappointment. I bought 2 CUCV pickup beds. They looked nice, they were listed as scrap, but I was responsible for loading, but when I got there they mashed and ran thru them with forks for my easy loading. they thought they were being...
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    1988 Air force deuce brake system rebuild

    My deuce was improperly converted to dot 3 and now I have no brakes. When I got the truck I could pump the brakes to get some stopping power, but now there is nothing. It needs a entire rebuild, MC, air packs, and wheel cylinders. It looks like the master cylinder is the hardest part to find...
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    Bobbed Deuce with duals... tire questions

    Hello, I've spent a lot of time reading about the options and seem to be second guessing my original decision. I already have tires 1100x20, G177, michelin XML, and NDCC I also have goodyear steer tires in 1100X20. I also have a set of 1200x20 NDCC tires, but I don't think I can dual them or are...
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    Dmd an/psg-2

    Do you need 2 of these devices to digital message? I'm curious how it works. Are a computer and radio required? Seems any knowledge is pretty limited. I think they were used from the late 70's to ??. Can't find where they might be sold. Info about them is appreciated. Thanks
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    Radio parts questions

    I'm trying to clean up some parts laying around. These are bags of circuit boards. They are small circuit boards, new in the packaging, probably 60's or 70's. Military, my best guess for radio's. They are marked CIMRON. Marked DA-36-038-AMC-3715(A) on the outside. The packages also have a part #...
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    mixed dot 3 and 5 brake fluid

    I just got my new truck home last night. It is still on the trailer. Good truck except it has a brake problem. It is an air force deuce with the dual system. The brakes work if you pump them 3 times or more getting more pedal each pump. It will hold until you release the pedal and then you must...
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    Take care when selling your Deuce.

    I was thinking other sellers might have experiences like mine and still others contemplating selling their deuce may want to take my advice as I have learned the hard way. Do not let anyone in the cab of your deuce by themselves, especially with the engine running. The next tire kickers that...
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    Fast idle and advance temp sensor.

    I'm trying to make my daughters M1009 start easier. I have no power to the high idle connection or the advance. I didn't have 12v there so I changed out the sensor for a new one and still have no power to the high idle. What controls the power to the sensor? Is it just the ignition switch? Thanks
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    M151 shotgun mount

    I have an M151a1 and a Stevens 77e. Has anyone mounted a shotgun in their M151? I know the M14 and M16 were mounted, but I didn't want to substitute, but to make the shotgun additional if possible. The Stevens 77e, I believe was the only military contract shotgun in the Vietnam war and kind of...
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    M1009 / RT524 radio questions

    I have a antenna base brush cover with up arrows for the M1009 and 08. The rubber window gasket is in the way with the m009 arrow up. If I mount it with the M1008 arrow up it barely protects the antenna base. I hope this is right. My antenna base is mounted just outside from the radio table. I...
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    m100 trailer holes.

    We are painting a M100 trailer. Wire wheel, scraper and rustoleum. On the rear there are holes that are are not symmetrical in each lower rear outside corner. I was wondering what they are used for. I see them in pictures of every original M100 trailer but never see them used. Thanks
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    M49 deuce fuel truck pump

    I've got a M49 that was converted to a water tanker for a fire dept. They didn't use the pump that came on the truck and removed it. It originally ran off the power takeoff on the transfer case and the drivelines are still there. What RPM was it designed to turn at? Anyone know the specs on that...
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