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  1. Third From Texas

    Third's Build Discussion

    Back is f****d
  2. Third From Texas


    I'd need to add a skid plate under those filters. Because I scrape stuff with my truck and those look important to keeping it running. Not knocking the relocate, though. I've seen some crazy relocation of the hydraulics and air filters. :)
  3. Third From Texas

    Is govplanet still auctioning California M1093-M1083’s

    The only way to know for sure would be to check the RB yards in the CA. But I would imagine so, at least at some point in time. There are still trucks coming out of Yermo on occasion. And they often appear in spurts.
  4. Third From Texas

    need electric schematic for M1084 A0

    I was just using the N1307 as an example (I just picked a random 24v alt). Of course someone doing such a swap would need to do a good deal of research. And mods would be expected. The point was that it's far cheaper to us a 24v + a step down due to the insanely high price of the dual voltage...
  5. Third From Texas

    Rubber cord source?

    Amazon sells it. About a dollar/foot. I've used these venders. I've had them on my cargo cover for over a year and no UV issues. https://www.amazon.com/CleverDelights-Black-Solid-Rubber-Cord/dp/B01MTB9M8S/ref=sr_1_3 And the hooks...
  6. Third From Texas

    SHC35 and SHC60 Battery

    Ah, bummer. At least some of the fuel cans currently on eBay aren't as bad as they have been in recent years.
  7. Third From Texas

    SHC35 and SHC60 Battery

    And Tractor Supply sells Scepter water cans. I don't recall if the openings are threaded the same, but I think so. But I see Scepter fuel cans on eBay for $50
  8. Third From Texas

    Rubber spring bolt camper Mount design.

    Looks viable. You might consider an outer horizontal capture plate on the lower part. Keep thigs lined up during any lateral shift. ie: capture the upper part within the lower part.
  9. Third From Texas

    FMTV Steering Wheel center Cap

    MWM sells them and at $30 it's one of their very few reasonably priced items. (of course shipping is likely $90)
  10. Third From Texas


    Apparently it is a well known Dakar truck. It now resides in the DAF museum.
  11. Third From Texas


    It's a "Push-Me-Pull-Ewe"
  12. Third From Texas


    (but it seems it is for sale)
  13. Third From Texas

    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    Yeah, I do most of my short overnights to fish at the N. Fish Pass jetty (S of Port-A inside the Mustang Island State Park). PINS is for when I'm feeling more adventurous (but it's a full tank of fuel down and back, which has been a wee bit more expensive the past four years).
  14. Third From Texas

    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    Nice So you pushed all the way to Mansfield jetties. That's as far off the beaten trail as you can travel on the Island (no 7/11's down there, not even a fresh water source, you're on you own beyond the occasional Park Ranger patrol and shark fisherman's camp). For those that don't know that's...
  15. Third From Texas

    1078 Alternator question

  16. Third From Texas

    1078 Alternator question

    I was under the impression that it was dual and the output number represented the 24v side. So the 100 were 100/40, the 200 were 200/50, and the 260 were 260/140. It was the reason I never looked into the 200a for my old AO truck (I was leaning towards a big 24va with a step down for the 12)...
  17. Third From Texas

    1078 Alternator question

    ^THIS ^THIS ^THIS a thousand times THIS 100a on these trucks is anemic (simply idiotic when run with four TL6's). My 1960's 1600cc air-cool VW bug motors have more amperage. Many owners don't realize that the 100a dual voltage Niehoff put's out 100a to the 24 side and 40-50a to the 12v side...
  18. Third From Texas

    Third's Build Discussion

    Yeah, out of state for the holidays and doing a little extended visit to see some family. Happy New Year, bud !
  19. Third From Texas

    Diagnostic Readers

    Im out of town for another week but I'll take a look when I get back. So far the only thing I've tossed up on the screen that didn't work was the fuel usage/mpg stuff. I've not looked into if it's just not available or if it's just borked. I don't know if I tested EGT but all the other stuff...
  20. Third From Texas

    Towing a dead M1083 with M1079

    Looking at the video, that "disabled at grades over 4%" seems like exactly what is going on if I understand it correctly. Neutral at Stop is clearly not working with my truck. As you say, could be a number of causes I suspect. I'm going to look into it further, but I'm not gonna lose sleep...
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