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  1. VPed

    Torque rod emergency repair

    What were you pulling on it with? Did you try a come-a-long? My dad always said “Don’t force it, get a bigger hammer”.
  2. VPed

    Putting larger tires on the deuce using stock rims...

    1100x20 is what I have heard is the limit for duals on stock wheels.
  3. VPed

    Wire Loom vs Wire Wrap question

    If you go the reward route , use quality tape. I second the suggestion to use Scotch 33. I use that exclusively.
  4. VPed

    Things I need to do before I drive my M925a2 home

    Might you need spare light bulbs for stop/tail/turn signals? A volt meter or test light might come in handy. Do you have a serviceable spare tire? Does the truck have everything needed to change a flat tire (Including cribbing)? Have you thought to share your itinerary and route here for...
  5. VPed

    12v Parallel System

    I have a dual Delco alternator setup I installed on my deuce after the original alternator quit. One is 12 volt and the other 24. Both are one- wire alternators. I did not isolate either alternator because I went to a three- battery setup. The ground is common for both the 12 and 24 volt...
  6. VPed

    LMTV Question

    I considered using a hitch ball as the front anchor but that would be more intrusive in the bed when the camper is not on the truck. Since my camper is easily removed (like a slide-in truck camper), I did not want to interfere with that function. Since the trailer had surge brakes, the hitch...
  7. VPed

    Air Buzzer not working, but have 24 volts and a good ground... buzzer works when hot-wired (Edited for clarity)

    To further you friend’s advice, have you measured 24 volts to the buzzer while it is connected? If there is a high resistance in the circuit, it may show 24 volts until a load (buzzer) is connected. This high resistance would likely be the switch since the installed buzzer works when you jumper...
  8. VPed

    LMTV Question

    Alaskan campers are nice but pricey and torsion isolating frames don’t look cheap either. The HiLo was given to me and since I did not cut the frame, I could return it to trailer duty with little effort.
  9. VPed

    LMTV Question

    The trailer sits on the bed, on crossmenbers I fabricated. At the front, it is attached mostly in a horizontal direction (slight downward) with turnbuckles to eye-bolts on the bed. Two turnbuckles diagonally or about 45 degrees from the truck centerline are used. This pulls the trailer tongue...
  10. VPed

    LMTV Question

    I am not sure about the airstreams in particular but I put a HiLo on my M927. I think the key is to not have the trailer flex with the truck frame. Mine is attached to the bed which is designed to stay relatively flat while the truck flexes. Here is the link to my build...
  11. VPed

    Cup holder

    I made one from a section of 4 inch exhaust pipe with a strong magnet on the bottom. It sticks to the floorboard, fender, seat frame, etc.
  12. VPed

    12v supply on 24v house battery setup.

    Why not have one 12v battery recharged with a converter for those loads. Do what works best for you on the 24v system I have a 12v setup on my deuce but I went with dual alternators for recharge.
  13. VPed

    Brake line

    Find a local hydraulic hose shop. I had all new lines made up at one local to me. Their fittings were even laser engraved with DOT certification.
  14. VPed

    Deuce Master Cylinder

    Or in place of the vented cap, a remote fluid reservoir.
  15. VPed

    What is everyone using for stabilizers?

    Due to the stiffness of the suspension , I have not found I need stabilizers. Since my camper has jacks, I could use them if needed. Below is a link to my build so you can see my setup. https://www.steelsoldiers.com/threads/vpeds-stretch-m927.213148/
  16. VPed

    M934 or M920 camper

    Here is a link to what I did. Food for thought. Truck likes 60 mph. https://www.steelsoldiers.com/threads/vpeds-stretch-m927.213148/
  17. VPed

    M35A2 expedition mini home

    I have a ladder on my rig that is similar to your drawing. It was an old warehouse roll-around ladder that I cut to suit my needs. The handle rail is removable and stows flat. I adjust for varying campsite heights at the attachment point to the truck. The attachment points consist of two pieces...
  18. VPed

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2023 - March VOTE HERE!

    Here are shots of the camper interior. In the right rear (behind the diamond plate wall) is the toilet with its own light and exhaust fan. To the left is the wardrobe. the gaucho couch extends out taking up most of the center isle when needed. you can also get a glimpse of the stereo in the...
  19. VPed

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2023 - March VOTE HERE!

    The dogs are my intruder alarm but I must say, the truck has not rolled away when set up like that.
  20. VPed

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2023 - March VOTE HERE!

    The trench is due to erosion from water runoff. I will look for pictures of the interior of the camper. Thanks for the interest.
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