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  1. mkcoen

    Steel Soldiers MV of the YEAR 2023 - VOTE HERE

    The M37 was used by the Israeli Defense Forces during the Six Day War. The white and black hood markings were to allow air assets to identify friendlies on the ground.
  2. mkcoen

    Any ideas of current values for a nice M571?

    I sold an extremely nice one in 2016 for $4000. There’s more on the market now after the demill code was changed.
  3. mkcoen

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2023 - June VOTE HERE!

    Here’s a couple of unedited pics
  4. mkcoen

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2023 - June VOTE HERE!

    Well it looks like a limited campaign event. I’ll start things off with the 1954 M-37 “IshMater.” This was an eBay purchase because the wife wanted a mid-fifties Power Wagon and I thought the M-37 was way cooler. It came to us in OD green and was going to be returned to that until we discovered...
  5. mkcoen

    MV of the Month June 2023

    Not sure why the pic loaded like that but I’ll wait for the campaign thread to post better ones.
  6. mkcoen

    MV of the Month June 2023

    Israeli Defense Forces M-37
  7. mkcoen

    Need Help on M151A2 re-wiring with Heater Connection Switch

    Last time the OP was here was 2005 so I doubt he’ll reply.
  8. mkcoen

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2023 - February VOTE HERE!

    Here’s a link to my acquisition thread and a couple of pics of the magazine coverage of the Champ. https://steelsoldiers.com/threads/working-on-the-fv1801a-or-truck-1-4-ton-4%C3%974-ct-austin-mk-1-aka-austin-champ.177019/
  9. mkcoen

    MV of the Month February 2023

    If we’re doing “in progress”… 1955 Austin Champ
  10. mkcoen

    Hello from Texas

    What is it you're seeking advice on (so we can direct you to the correct "experts")?
  11. mkcoen

    New M151A2

    That's a beautiful MUTT. Quite a difference between the "before" and "after" photos. Good luck with finishing the restoration!
  12. mkcoen

    Soft Top Ripped Loose While Driving.

    Any place that does boat tops can fix it for you. Likely just the thread came apart and the wind then tepee'd the top. I had the same thing happen to my 923 the day I picked it up. If you lost the plastic channel that slides in the top of the windshield frame they can probably find something...
  13. mkcoen

    What's the deal with importing American-made armor?

    Take it apart. I believe you can import pieces just not the vehicle as a whole (I am not an import expert so do you own diligence).
  14. mkcoen

    The real cost of armor?

    A very large bank account
  15. mkcoen

    I get the flu on Wednesday

    Small Emplacement Excavator - also known as a FLU419
  16. mkcoen

    Mount Gama

    I believe fuzzytoaster has a couple for sale.
  17. mkcoen

    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    Sorry, somehow double posted.
  18. mkcoen

    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    I'm not trying to be argumentative but my 1970 M35A2 required minimal maintenance to stay roadworthy and reliable. My 1998 LMTV took constant maintenance and wasn't reliable for more than 50 miles without something ELSE going wrong with it. It wasn't that it was in poor condition to begin with...
  19. mkcoen

    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    This is one of the reasons I sold my M1078. I spent 30 minutes trying to get out of line for a parade because one of the rear brake canisters blew a seal and kept dumping the air and locking the brakes up. That was after the fan clutch exploded on me going down I-10 at 55mph 150 miles from...
  20. mkcoen


    Seth actually put a lot into that truck besides the interior of the box. I think the biggest issue is how much folks are willing to drop into it. A LMTV is like a boat, a hole in the water you pour money into. I think the majority of the people who have the finances to really make one of...
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