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  1. Kbarnes0

    M989A1 build

    Maneuvering from the front is ideal. We are just going to do a pin for the pintle on the front of the truck. Also thought about an air actuator to lock the pin on the steering of the trailer. Just flip it on and let it lock when we know we will be backing up. Currently, it takes a bit to...
  2. Kbarnes0

    M989A1 build

    Not a bad idea. They are accessible enough I don't think you would need a rod or cable. I think a 2 way ball valve would be a good solution. Once opened, it would dump the bag and block the incoming air to keep everything else aired up.
  3. Kbarnes0


    That's the plan. Going to cut the dump sides and mount similar to what you have by cutting the container floor out. It's a 45' high cube, so may do a sleeper above the cab since we have the dump to raise it and clear cab tilt for service. Got 5 to fit in there so every bit counts.
  4. Kbarnes0

    M989A1 build

    We will be hooking directly to the rear and pulling it out. It was hard enough to get it in there. Then steer the tounge by hand.
  5. Kbarnes0

    M989A1 build

    No magic switch for the bags. I removed the cotter pins for the self level valves behind the front bags and in the center of the rear on the trailer. One they are undone you can move the arm to dump the air. Only lovers out about 4"
  6. Kbarnes0

    M989A1 build

    Hello. Wanted to share what we did with the trailer for our needs. We extended the tounge 18", and built out the side doors and asked iso container cam locks on. We are towing it behind an M1090. We still have some stuff to button up and let the air out of the bags and it just cleared to...
  7. Kbarnes0

    1995 M1078 Cranks But Won't Start

    Laptop with the TM's downloaded. The trouble shooting section is great... The most important part will be good batteries
  8. Kbarnes0


    Nice. I'm glad I saw your pictures. We are planning on doing a container on ours also. Ours is a high cube so we may cut it at the bottom and have the sides hang over.
  9. Kbarnes0

    Our MTVR camper:

    Rad. So you made it without any hiccups? We are moving to East Texas by the end of the year hopefully from Tacoma. Our M1090 dump truck (25k lbs empty) has been consistent at 5.25 mpg. Seems with the size of your rig you are fine if you can get close to the 5mpg.
  10. Kbarnes0

    Have you installed 3.07 gears in your truck? Kindly step in I have something to ask

    What speed do you cruise? Max rpm is what 2600? Im wondering if I should still be considering gears after the larger tires. Maybe just call it good enough? but I feel I'm still at the top of the rpm instead of closer to cruise at the max tourqe
  11. Kbarnes0

    Have you installed 3.07 gears in your truck? Kindly step in I have something to ask

    Anybody have a tach with the 3.07s. Wondering RPM @60 MPH? I did 16r20s and it turns 2450rpm @ 60mph (GPS based) I believe they measure around 50" tall.
  12. Kbarnes0

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Good times.. What are your thoughts on the sherpa? Stallion correct?
  13. Kbarnes0

    M1083 Finally (MAY HAVE) a working alternator >>>> BUT !

    Have you gone through the flow chart from Niehoff? They have a stern by step to check the alt. Maybe it's the voltage regulator? The ground strap from the alt to the frame is good?
  14. Kbarnes0

    Aloha from a newby

    If you can't find the Haldex brand check valve, here is the Bendix #800373 It was bit of a chore, but got it with the bumper on.
  15. Kbarnes0

    Need to haul heavy load in central WA; anybody wanting to help?

    I'll pm you with contact info.
  16. Kbarnes0

    Need to haul heavy load in central WA; anybody wanting to help?

    I may be able to lend a hand. What length trailer is needed? And where at?
  17. Kbarnes0

    Need to haul heavy load in central WA; anybody wanting to help?

    What length of trailer. I'm picking one up Monday that is 20ish ft over axle. Might ba able to help based on location and time frame. My 6x6 is a dump truck also. If that would help.
  18. Kbarnes0

    HEMTT wheels on FMTV?

    Finally got them done. Cruising with 16s, 2600 RPM is 68MPH. Cruise @ 50 - 55 is around 2100 RPM. Based on an app. Need to calibrate the speedo. Plenty of clearance between the rears. 100.5" track width on the front. With the rim offset, no rubbing on chassis components. Still had (need)...
  19. Kbarnes0

    I've never seen my m1088 transmission cooler fans come on

    I'm interested in this also. It seems they have so much cooling it would need to be operated for extended periods of time with major load. Even with 18k in my dump truck I never noticed them coming on.
  20. Kbarnes0

    Looking CTIS part aka Hens teeth

    Isnt it an o ring boss fitting? My local hydraulic shop had them I believe.
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