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  1. vanaisa

    European Member List

    Where in Chech? And when? I also like their beer and good food....
  2. vanaisa

    M1009 Fuel lift pump to fuel filter hard line replacement

    here, post nr 14 helps you with glow plug diagnosis: https://www.steelsoldiers.com/threads/84%E2%80%99-m1009-glow-plugs.213839/#
  3. vanaisa

    TX42 Glow Plug Controller?

    Well, if used on 6.2 - was it not good solution? Just my curiousity :)
  4. vanaisa

    TX42 Glow Plug Controller?

    I know, i have proper card. Just interested, where this goes - 6.5 maybe?
  5. vanaisa

    TX42 Glow Plug Controller?

    It is listed for K5 Blazer - is it for civilian K5? I dont remember that my 1009 has sutch part... https://www.partcatalog.com/standard-ignition-tx42-diesel-glow-plug-controller.html
  6. vanaisa

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Drove my 1009 to welders shop (with one very large whisky). I never lerned welding skills and in my age it is too late already :) After bodywork After bodywork and paint it is my time - shocks, bushings brakes, harmonic balancer, oils etc.
  7. vanaisa

    Project Wild Weasel M1009

    our shops sell boots, that are kind of universal - you cut both ends to correct sizes. Sure you have similar products. hose But yeah, if you grease those splines in right intervals, they last great time without boot. Installed front propshaft on my ´74 Cherokee Chief 13 years ago and splines are...
  8. vanaisa

    CUCV Bucket Seats - Some ???s

    Do you have source for original looking vinyl?
  9. vanaisa

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Why you do not like foil backed insulation?
  10. vanaisa

    Power steering fluid capacity

    I might be wrong (sure i am), but GM power steering fluid come with newer cars. My ´90 Eldorado requested that, not sure about older cars. "Power steering fluid" is hydraulic oil, less or different additives, than Dextron.
  11. vanaisa

    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    Well guys, you had gourmet meals. Have you ever heard of powder potato smash with chemical lard sauce? :D And pickled green tomatoes.... öäghhh OK, in Polish border we had canned meat with macaroni in sundays.
  12. vanaisa

    Bodywork - my 1009.

    Thanks, Kubotaman!
  13. vanaisa

    Bodywork - my 1009.

    Yes, thin cheap metal is, what i afraid. This shop - is it good? www.autometaldirect.com/
  14. vanaisa

    Bodywork - my 1009.

    OK, our weather is bad for my 1009. Rust here and there, but now it is time for larger repairs - some holes in floors, almost gone front inner fenders, rear hatch is pretty bad, gone are both rockers... You know, where she rusts. Can anyone point me shop, who sells quality body parts? I have...
  15. vanaisa

    how is the simplest check to Check generator 1 and generator 2 - M1009, 6.2 Diesel

    no, no - it is all others, NOT 1010
  16. vanaisa

    Quality alternator rebuild kits

    Seems that they have CUCV listed: https://www.aspwholesale.com/index.php?route=vehicles/partslist&product_id=6527&maker=CHEVROLET&vehicle_type=TRUCK&model=K5+BLAZER+%28M1009%29&year=1984&unit_type=ALTERNATOR&engine_size=V8+6.2+L+379Cid+DSL
  17. vanaisa

    M1009 Lights Work, Won't Start--Nothing when you turn key

    bad ignition switch? Bad starter relay under dash (nead ash tray) - that one, what drived from ign. switch with 12V and sends 24V to starter?
  18. vanaisa

    Questions about the thermostat test holes in the radiator - M1009 / Chevrolet Blazer K5 6,2 Diesel

    Maybe is it right time for you to buy thread comb? https://edmontonvalve.swagelok.com/hubfs/thread_tool.png
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