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  1. OPCOM

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by hawkerbattery.com

    Here's my entry! wow what a generous opportunity this is!
  2. OPCOM

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month - August VOTE HERE!

    :-P Hi all, wish I had more time to hang around!
  3. OPCOM

    Catastrophic parking brake failure

    On the M35A2, the parking brake might stop the truck in an emergency, sort of a one time use. but it won't stop quickly and there may be a fire once it has stopped from a high speed. It's not for that. I'm more interested in finding out how to avoid loss of brakes from a single blown air tank...
  4. OPCOM

    More Power From NHC 250 in M939 Series Trucks With Allison Transmissions

    "Now I need to add this. Bought a whole truck with a 350 small cam". What's the difference between that and the MHC250 small cam? I though the 250 block and the rest was maxed out on power. Does the 350 have cooling jets?
  5. OPCOM

    More Power From NHC 250 in M939 Series Trucks With Allison Transmissions

    "Okay where are you getting 16.00 x 20 steer tires?" I'm not getting 16.00x20's. It had them before I changed the T-case, but i didn't like them and went to 11.00x20's and changed the T-case to the T-1138. I think at this point in time my m818 is the faster of more than the M939. But I don't...
  6. OPCOM

    Split shift transfer lever extension

    Thank you! One person said 1H 2H 3H shift case L 5L shift case H 4H 5H or the optimum shifting is said to be; 1L 2L 3L 4L 5L shift case to high 4H 5H. I wonder if that will work with the M939 type T-1138 case when installed in an M818? M818+T1138 conclusion, yes to some degree...
  7. OPCOM

    Where do decals go? ( SAC reflective sticker)

    I have a couple of these to put on the M818. Where are they supposed to go? These are about 3.75" to 4" tall. The stickum is on the back. Sure I could stick them anywhere, but where is the proper place on an M818?
  8. OPCOM

    Tire safety.

    Anyone who routinely uses their truck on the highway should consider using a semi tractor steer tire up front and if possible a tubeless arrangement. Front tires get hot at 50-60MPH. Military surplus tires are old in many cases but can look really good. Good to eliminate points of failure and...
  9. OPCOM

    The Military is starting to scare me...

    I had to come in on this one despite the age. I had an apprentice and a really good helper for about 3 years. At some point this changed and other stuff including college was of little interest. Bizarrely, last I heard he was heading to Peru maybe as an adventure but I do not think his girl...
  10. OPCOM

    is it the injector pump?

    Was this ever resolved?
  11. OPCOM

    Split shift transfer lever extension

    Which gears are being split on the M818? or is it (L) 1-2-3-4-5: (H) 4-5
  12. OPCOM

    M818 battery switch acting up, voltmeter

    By Murphy switches do you mean from this company? http://www.fwmurphy.com/ They make engine electrical stuff.
  13. OPCOM

    Non MV items in classified

    It's supposed to be military stuff meaning things that were military property or were manufactured primarily for the use of the military, and certain few non-military things that would go directly with military stuff, like a 24V solargizer. Non military stuff can be sold in other forums. Human...
  14. OPCOM

    More Power From NHC 250 in M939 Series Trucks With Allison Transmissions

    About tires and RPM. When I drove the M818, which is normally a 52MPH/2100RPM truck, back from IL with 16.00x20's on it, the tach showed 2100RPM at 59MPH GPS speed. With 11.00x20 tires on it and having exchanged the T-138 1:1 t-case for the T-1138 0.73 OD T-case from a 939 truck, it can run...
  15. OPCOM

    rust on fuel tank 'filter screen tube' M818

    I generally have kept the tank almost full, but it sat a few months at 1/2. I don't drive the monster in the summer here, only start it every couple weeks.
  16. OPCOM

    rust on fuel tank 'filter screen tube' M818

    I found more rust and white crud than i want to admit, on the metal tube or 'can' that sits under the fuel tank cap. The deposits have formed mainly where the tube and the bracket touch. I'm tempted to just remove this thing, because buying fuel at the pump, it's not likely the screen is needed...
  17. OPCOM

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    changed coolant, added 'anti-cavitation fluid' because it is the Cummins, replaced the control boix protective.
  18. OPCOM

    What to buy? Looking to get a tractor...

    one thing, the M818 has a 50MPH redline and most MV tractors are underpowered so.. pick carefully.
  19. OPCOM

    Tires for 5 ton

    I guess the utmost thing is that the tires are the same rolling diameter. I've never seen a 24R21 but would like to read the replies on this.
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