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  1. M35A2-AZ

    AZ Wrecker Flood lights NOS

  2. M35A2-AZ

    M54 Rescue

    That is not Tom's truck. Tom's was all black.
  3. M35A2-AZ

    M54 Rescue

    Post a photo and I can tell you if it is Tom's.
  4. M35A2-AZ

    AZ M939A2 CTIS valves and hoses

    For sale, I have M939A2 CTIS valves and hoses. $10ea plus shipping Pm me if your interested. Albert
  5. M35A2-AZ

    Hello from Sedona, AZ

    Welcome to S/S. I have a friend that has one for sale in Phoenix for a fare price. PM me if your interested.
  6. M35A2-AZ

    Spin on oil filter for 1989 M929

    I would say it is a 1985. I have a M923A1 that is a 1985.
  7. M35A2-AZ

    Spin on oil filter for 1989 M929

    I know that is the one. It needs to be the one that is about 2" thick.
  8. M35A2-AZ

    Spin on oil filter for 1989 M929

    You are right that is not the right one, here is the right one Baldwin p/n OB1368 and the oil filter is wix 51970 or Baldwin B96 I have been using them for many years now.
  9. M35A2-AZ

    M1010 Convoy Truck

    Looks like it is coming along!(y)
  10. M35A2-AZ

    M923 turn signal issue

    Also you may check the grounding bolt on it.
  11. M35A2-AZ

    936A2 Crane Motor Case Drain

    I went out and took some pics of the fitting. This is what I did. I think I did a post of this many years ago.
  12. M35A2-AZ

    936A2 Crane Motor Case Drain

    I think I took the fitting off and drilled and taped a 1/4"pipe hole. I have tried to find photos of the work and I can not find it. Good luck with it.
  13. M35A2-AZ

    936A2 Crane Motor Case Drain

    When I first got my truck the HD motor on the crane was leaking. I had it rebuilt and after I started using it started leaking again. The shop said I needed a case drain. The motor I have is made by Parker. I put a case drain on it and ran the line over to the HD tank, I also put a one way...
  14. M35A2-AZ

    Barn Find 2.5 ton

    Very Nice!!
  15. M35A2-AZ

    Cummins NH250

    Here is what I have and used on my rebuild. Oil Pan bolts 40 lb-ft Intake 30 lb-ft exhaust bolts 25 lb-ft Rocker box covers 15 lb-ft Rocker box bolts 65 lb-ft Head blots 25 then 100 then 200 then 305 lb-ft Rod bolts 75 then 150 loosen then 30 then 75 then 150 lb-ft Crankshaft Main 140...
  16. M35A2-AZ

    Cummins NH250

    I just rebuilt a NHC250 and have all the torques valves, if you let me know what you need I can send them to you. A repair manual is very hard to find, may try Ebay.
  17. M35A2-AZ

    M813 Seized Engine

    Here is a link to a good write up on setting the valves and injectors. I think you would use the OBC method. Go down to post #8 https://www.steelsoldiers.com/threads/nhc250-valve-injector-overhead-adjusting.73256/
  18. M35A2-AZ

    M813 Seized Engine

    You can pull the injectors and put oil down the cylinders. If you remove the adjusting screw all the way and move the push rod over you can remove the injector. It is the rocker in the center. You will have to set the injector when you put them back in.
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