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  1. reloader64

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2023 - June VOTE HERE!

    Once again, all the vehicles are interesting, and , once again, I'll vote for my friend ;-) Cool vehicles all, but how do you beat an Israeli M37? I still like that truck. Scott
  2. reloader64

    New from TX

    There's a decent chance that I drove by your place at some point during my youth!
  3. reloader64

    New from TX

    I grew up in Abilene. My grandparents lived by Potosi. Now you have to be specific. ;-)
  4. reloader64

    New from TX

    Welcome from central Texas. How far west are you? Scott
  5. reloader64

    Over charging issue

    Check all the connections back to the battery. I had a bad connection on GEN1 and it would go over 50 volts at the alternator. Repaired the connection, now it reads 13.8 at the alternator. Also, have your batteries tested. A bad battery will cause some weird readings and behavior. Scott
  6. reloader64

    Steel Soldiers MV of the YEAR 2022 - VOTE HERE

    They're all nice, but I gotta vote for my brother and his V100.....
  7. reloader64

    New member from Texas M1097R

    Welcome to the site! There are several SS members in the greater Austin metro area. If you want to meet some of us, come to the Lone Star MVPA meeting at Camp Mabry the 3rd Wednesday of every month. We would love to see you. Hope you find a suitable grease. Scott
  8. reloader64

    Alternator 1 overcharging

    So apparently.... if the alternator positive cable is broken, you can get some funny voltage readings. I checked voltage at the battery (key off)- 12.4 volts. Checked voltage from the positive terminal to the ground terminal at the alternator- 0. Checked from the positive terminal to the...
  9. reloader64

    Alternator 1 overcharging

    Yeah, I looked surprised, too. Checked the meter 3 times to make sure I was seeing it correctly. It's a Fluke 115, so I consider it reliable. I was busy yesterday after work, but I'll try to check the wires tonight. Scott
  10. reloader64

    Alternator 1 overcharging

    Thanks, Ray. Good step by step instructions. I'll check that first. Scott
  11. reloader64

    Alternator 1 overcharging

    I was thinking after I posted, I wonder if a wire broke somewhere causing to GEN 1 light to come on originally, then I installed a defective voltage regulator. I'll check the associated wiring when I get a chance. I saved the original parts, so I can swap them back in and check the output...
  12. reloader64

    Alternator 1 overcharging

    The last time I drove the M1009, the GEN 1 light came on. I assumed the alternator was defective, so I ordered replacement internal parts. Today I rebuilt the alternator and reinstalled it. I started the truck, no warning lights. Then I noticed the voltmeter was reading in the yellow zone, and...
  13. reloader64

    Pyrometer install

    I bought an inexpensive pyrometer and boost gauge combination. The pyrometer seemed to work ok, but the boost gauge failed. I bought Autometer gauges and have never had an issue. Scott
  14. reloader64

    anyone swaped a m35a2 d type turbo to a c type

    M813rc was gracious enough many years ago to provide some used frying oil for my whistler deuce. It smelled like french fries going down the road. Which is a much more pleasant smell than used motor oil.... Scott
  15. reloader64

    86’ M1009 looking to add turbo and trans swap advice please

    Not to worry, I just wanted to get my 2 cents in :p The TH700R4 had a well-earned bad reputation when it was first introduced in 1981. The story is that GM decided to design and build it without the help of Hydramatic, with disastrous results. After many updates, and finally turning it over to...
  16. reloader64

    86’ M1009 looking to add turbo and trans swap advice please

    Tim, I (respectfully, of course) disagree with your assessment of both the TH350 and TH700R4. The TH350 was an excellent transmission, and most failures could be traced back to either overheating or failure at 150,000 miles due to a complete lack of maintenance. Having said that, your 700R4...
  17. reloader64

    My first 6.2 swap thread

    Answer #2- Yes, you can put your old alternators and starter on this engine. Scott
  18. reloader64

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - June VOTE HERE!

    All 3 are nice vehicles, but I gotta go with my homie on this one. I saw Rory's V100 the first time it was driven during rebuild. I got to watch it being completed, and participated in several parades/displays with it over the years. (I also may have contributed to the nickname). Then there's...
  19. reloader64


    Be careful when heating the u-joints with the plastic. Occasionally, the plastic will shoot out of the hole, and melted plastic is HOT! Scott
  20. reloader64

    Preferred Electric Fuel Pump

    I think mine uses an inverted flare, but I got it from one of the "performance diesel" websites. Depending on where you get it, they may have a specification that gives you that info. Scott
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