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    Hmmwv rear half doors....or not

    Does anyone have the RH half door panel laying around? For sale? Here is a picture of my LH. I've got the door, it was missing the filler panel.
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    Powering multiple radios

    How are you guys powering multiple radios? I have a CD82 MCS drawing power off the radio tray for my VIC3. That right hand power outlet also needs to be used for a radio I just got, but obviously only one plug can fit at a time. Can I run a radio directly from battery terminal? Is there...
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    Indiana HMMWV owners?

    I made a few upgrades. Still waiting for the dang SF97
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    VIC to Cellphone Adapter and Military Radio Digital Modes Adapter

    Augi- I can't PM you yet, I'm too new, but definitely in for 2 of them.
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    HMMWV Headliner thickness & Hardness

    I'll jump in here. I reached out to DB Engineering for my slant back, and had a wonderful man call me almost immediately. I asked if they could cut the material if I supplied a drawing or template, was told no. "We will not be able to cut your job.....way too busy in production. Most of our jobs...
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    HMMWV Grounding Kit Install

    It's a 400 Amp generator if that helps.
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    HMMWV Grounding Kit Install

    I appreciate it. I've heard of this list, but didn't know where to find it. I'll save it. So my wire says 3a. The list just shows #3 and lists it as "generator ground circuit". I guess my question is where do I attach wire 3a, coming out of the harness and the ribbon from the generator...
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    HMMWV Grounding Kit Install

    Hope this is the right place to post. I know it's not called a ground, but I'm calling it that. M1151a1 was missing the water crossover. Got the crossover and associated parts. Now, trying to figure out the alternator ground strap, and another ground wire from the harness labeled 3a. Some pics I...
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    Red, white and blue wires cut under dash. 1151a1 2007.

    Found 3 cut wires. Can't find any tags, so I apologize in advance if I missed them. They are red, white and blue. I traced them up to the engine bay, the blue goes to alternator, red and white traced along radiator and then were ripped off. I also have a hose going from the passenger side over...
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    Coolant crossover pipe and misc wires

    I see the numbers on the tags! Neat. That was a good heads up. Thanks
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    Coolant crossover pipe and misc wires

    Sorry I called them "danglers" thought it was funny. I will look closer at the tags. I have a lot of wires with a printed tag on them, so I was looking for that. My bad.
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    Coolant crossover pipe and misc wires

    Copy. I actually went back out and looked and don't see tags on the wires. Here is a more clear pic. I think those were just clips. I have the GEP 6.5 turbo. Got a couple danglers on the window center support also that aren't labeled? Curious about them. Thank you guys so much for the help.
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    Coolant crossover pipe and misc wires

    Well, got my very first HMMWV today, non runner. Checked all the fluids, everything looks fine except the cooling system, and the battries are missing. Coolant crossover pipe is missing, which I believe houses the thermostats. Can anyone direct me to a place to purchase the correct one? I'll...
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    Indiana HMMWV owners?

    Been working all day, getting ready to start draining fluids and making my list. I need hoses, batteries for sure. Didn't come with any batteries, but the cables are there. Serpentine is off but looks like it's in decent shape. I just want to get it fired up to see what is wrong with it...
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    Indiana HMMWV owners?

    Just offload from the delivery truck about 3 hrs ago!!! Took out the air filter and it was half full of water. Just rain water I'm guessing. Lots of coolant lines pulled off. Finding lots of character in the crevices. Dip cans, MRE pouches and other stuff. Lol. Love it.
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    Indiana HMMWV owners?

    No sir, it's a non runner. I rolled the dice. I'd call this one a 4 case project probably.
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    Indiana HMMWV owners?

    It's delivering tomorrow!
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