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  1. dc3coyote

    "New" Hale P250 pump - what to do with it

    I maintained, and trained on those pumps for many years before the coastguard swapped to the p100. I would love to get my hands on one again. They are designed to pump 250. Gpm at 125 psi. If you decide to get rid of it, I will give it a wonderful home.
  2. dc3coyote

    DUKW Causes Heart Attack!!

    Isnt that a GPW? I dont like the idea of banning someone for modifying their truck to make them happy, but bobbing a DUKW, should require a lifetime ban, revocation of all MV ownership, tar and feathering, and a hornet nest tossed into their bedroom at night. Thats just my opinion
  3. dc3coyote

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Rally**

    FR22 is where its at.
  4. dc3coyote

    M813 WW for $1640

    If its taking up too much room in your yard give me a buzz I will give it a home.
  5. dc3coyote

    Algae oil grown in continous photobioreactor.

    I dont see how growing algae is that difficult. Just put a pool in your back yard and take the day off from chlorinating it. solid algae. Your welcome to it. Also if you want you can scrape the algae from my boats. My houseboat has a good thick layer on it since its too cold to get in the...
  6. dc3coyote

    Wreckerman and Elmo to Cincy area

    Wrecker, when you pass through Chattanooga, you should swing by my base. We are just east of the Chickmauaga dam. I am waiting on a delivery from Ferro then I will have some stuff to be hauled to my marina. Its tough calling my home a LZ. Congrats on the soon to be Grandbaby. They are all...
  7. dc3coyote

    New Steel Soldiers Admin/Webmaster!

    Site admin, and a true Guru. Answering all of lifes deepest questions. Thank you for all your upcoming hard work, it will be greatley appreciated.
  8. dc3coyote

    Wreckerman and Elmo on the move

    I dont know why but I keep picturing Elmo, and Wreckerman, reanacting the scene from Groundhawg day where Bill Murray lets the goupher drive.
  9. dc3coyote

    Howdy from a Newbie

    Could you make it professional style video. the bad lighting and shaking really gets old.
  10. dc3coyote

    5th WHEEL MOBILIZER ..? Hard to find..?

    Well if it makes you any happier, the ISO container is cheap. You can buy a used one for only a couple thousand. 2500 for a 40'. I also have pile of CSC stickers and am more than willing to certify them. Most of the time when I see private people moving them they use a 20 car hauler. The...
  11. dc3coyote

    M1008 Meltdown

    Sorry to hear about the pile of opportunity you have had. Sounds almost like keeping a gallon of antifreeze in your truck and forgetting to add it before it sat for a entire very cold winter. Guess how I know. In 14 days its block swapping time.
  12. dc3coyote

    CUCV's And CARC

    the easiest way to check is to look on the dash. it will say CARC on it. otherwise. Carc has a rough texture to it.
  13. dc3coyote

    any body looking for a m215 dump?

    4k, I think the only thing moving on them are the weeds. its really sad too, I would love to get one in my garage.
  14. dc3coyote

    Acceptable price for WMO

    Not really on subject but if you get oil contanimated with water, you can exaporate most all of the water with a barrell heater, or another safe source to heat it. I have used a water heater element to heat one before, worked pretty well but it takes time to get the oil/ water mix hot enough...
  15. dc3coyote

    VW track-layer..

    Man I would love to get my hands on one. It needs some bolt on pontoons and a outboard to be compleyley perfect never mind I would rather not destroy a Weasel to get one. Maybe I can bastardize a Bobcat and a Hunda Accord instead
  16. dc3coyote

    Last Call for XM211's!

    How about posting the pics.
  17. dc3coyote

    I just bought an M38A1

    You should post some pics.
  18. dc3coyote

    Chinooks in Montana

    Very beautiful country, Walt. One day I may have to make a trip out that way, most likely in the summer, since I have made a promise to avoid snow with a passion.
  19. dc3coyote

    Coming Attraction - project #6 M43 build

    No cost, for the stretchers, I need the room more. When I get home i will dig through the pile and find the better ones. Just remind me when I get home. Also if you dont mind keeping your eye out for m43 series stuff. I plan to get mine running ASAP.
  20. dc3coyote

    Swiss Armie Plate

    google swiss army trucks. The company in Arkansas should have some. If not Expediton imports
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