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  1. rtk

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    I need to do that on my 1031 and have been putting that off for all those reasons !!!! LOL
  2. rtk

    Need some help picking a generator for single-phase and 3-phase use

    For years I used portable GENSETS for backup power to my property , But you have to maintain them , get them out and set up , throw the transfer switch on the breaker panel from grid power to the genset and hope everything worked as it should . Plus most portable gensets are noisy and you had...
  3. rtk

    Need some help picking a generator for single-phase and 3-phase use

    I installed a Cummins 22KW natural gas genset 2 years ago and we love it . It runs my home 200 amp service and my 30x40 pole barn no problem at all , It runs about 15 minutes every other week and has given us no problems . Very quiet machine as well , You are not that far from me and you are...
  4. rtk

    The 825k hmmwv just sold at Barrett Jackson

    Ya , not a fan of it , think I will pass on this LOL
  5. rtk

    Operation: Ethel. Kendelrios M37 (re)build thread

    That's great . get them started young. Nothing wrong with helping him in his life journey , If you have HANDS you can always make a living , This country needs more of that and a little less social media !!! IMO , stay safe , be well
  6. rtk

    Operation: Ethel. Kendelrios M37 (re)build thread

    Yes you are !!! after 60 plus years it looks great !!!!
  7. rtk

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Happy New year Rick!!! be safe ,be well
  8. rtk

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    I am WNY and it has been the same here upper 40's low 50's If this climate change , it's OK . Nice not to take the JD out of the barn and plow snow !!! The only problem with this is , given a cold snap in January or February and with the lake not frozen it could get really ugly !!! DOT...
  9. rtk

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    And now the interior fun starts !! Just like eating a elephant , one bite at a time . O and Happy New year Rick , stay safe , be well
  10. rtk

    New to the Group with my 1953 M38A1

    Welcome to the site !!! lots of great information available . I am on the other side of the pond WNY , just south of Ontario , maybe we can hookup sometime
  11. rtk

    New member, and new to me 1996 M35A3

    Welcome to the site !!! Lots of info available . IMO , I would not do anything with your MV until you get the paperwork/ownership worked out . You would hate to put time and effort into the unit and then not get transfer documents .
  12. rtk

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by hawkerbattery.com

    Thank you , count me in !!!
  13. rtk

    Project Wild Weasel M1009

    Same to you buddy , be safe ,be well
  14. rtk

    Tahoe MP USMC Vehicle build

    Very nice !! Looks like it will be a fun project !!!
  15. rtk

    Davit crane mods for an M813 / A1 with 16.00R20s

    Very nice work !!! can't wait to se the finished product !!!
  16. rtk

    M42 duster

    I went on that tour also , there was some amazing stuff packed away in that warehouse !!!! I would have loved one the M38A1's with the rocket launcher !!!!
  17. rtk

    New to me m923a2 jack & jack stand recommendations?

    I think you should also get a wheel/tire jack , makes removing and installing that HEAVY tires much easier and safer , Harbor Freight has them , I got one of the CHICOM knock offs , works great . Save you back . Do you have equipment to move/pickup the tires and wheels once you get them off? A...
  18. rtk

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Beautiful job Rick , you are a driven person , but the results say it all . Thanks for sharing
  19. rtk

    trapezoidal plate under the canister holder - M1009 / Chevrolet Blazer K5 Diesel

    Give Mike Morian a call he is the cucv parts guy . He is on FB . He is located outside the Boston area , He deals in vehicles and parts .
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