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  1. WWRD99

    CUCV Heaven, My build of a 1009 and 1008

    Had fun digging through all the surplus stuff today getting ready for spring Carlisle. I found 3 of these little gems for the drivers rear head. Nice that it comes with the harness adapter and directions. I think one of these is getting put in now too. New steering wheel and return lines look...
  2. WWRD99

    1986 M1009 Rear Light Nightmare

    I just told ya!! Front turn signal...it's up top of the coolant res or just in front of the front battery...could be the bulb socket internal side ground too...take bulbs out and see if things change. Sent from my SM-S906U using Tapatalk
  3. WWRD99

    1986 M1009 Rear Light Nightmare

    Ok going back a few to line 1 you said you checked voltage when on and it was 12 volts but off it was 5 volts...you found your problem...you're missing the ground at the headlight for that side...it's backfeeding the system. When it's off you should have 0 volts. Sent from my SM-S906U using...
  4. WWRD99

    Anyone revert back to 24v?

    Were the battery cables changed or kept stock? If stock pop it back to 24 volt or upgrade to bigger cables for 12 volt. You'd need alternator and brackets and hopefully no wiring if they left it all in. It's not hard changing to 12 volt.
  5. WWRD99

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Looks great!! I like white lithium on those bearings. I always lose that little spring for the horn...goes flying to neverland. Sent from my SM-S906U using Tapatalk
  6. WWRD99

    M1008 Build

    The 6707 antenna and the cucv side mounts and gaurds...I can get the side mounts new still if you wouldn't want to move those but the side gaurds are nice to get. Sent from my SM-S906U using Tapatalk
  7. WWRD99

    CUCV Starter nightmare.....

    I've used stock bolts and arp makes a set too. About the same price...get the stock ones nos from a surplus guy. Sounds like someone got hold of it that didn't have money or no idea what to do. Nice thing with those 400s is they're cheap n easy to rebuild. I've done many with surplus parts that...
  8. WWRD99

    CUCV Starter nightmare.....

    Sounds like a shxt show for sure!! I wonder if they did that 12 volt thing to the starter because they new it was 12 volt?? Not realizing the main starter was getting 24? Who knows but it sounds like you just need a good starter. It have the knurled starter bolts still? Sent from my SM-S906U...
  9. WWRD99

    CUCV Starter nightmare.....

    @cucvrus may have one...I got one of his a few years ago and it's still goin! Another guy in Massachusetts named Mike Morin has a bunch too...hes on Facebook...I got one from him a few months ago...all used but not Chinese made. I'd avoid anything new and at the most pop some brushes in it...
  10. WWRD99

    M1008 Build

    Question that I forgot to ask a few years ago...you have those radio 6707 and mounts yet?
  11. WWRD99

    M1009 blew alternator belt

    Which one popped off? If I remember right the ac kits has the pump on the passenger side and runs of the alternator belt. I can give you stock ones for the drivers side but I have no idea what is used on the ac ones.
  12. WWRD99

    Turn Signal lever is broke

    I'm in central Pa but would if I was in a heartbeat.
  13. WWRD99

    Gen 1 issues

    For me I verify that power is on the printed circuit for the gen 1 light is the only way to make sure the bulb socket is good. Which means pulling the cluster back and using a test light etc and see if it has power to the bulb...I like to do a voltage drop on both sides to see if it is 0 so I...
  14. WWRD99

    Turn Signal lever is broke

    I hear that!! I like to pop a new one in when I have that apart...dang keys can be pretty worn out. Curious do you have a round ended key or a square one? Does one key open the doors and start it? Sent from my SM-S906U using Tapatalk
  15. WWRD99

    Passenger Side Alternator Weirdness...

    I wonder if the ps pump pressure regulator us not working. New pumps fail. Sent from my SM-S906U using Tapatalk
  16. WWRD99

    Turn Signal lever is broke

    Yup, you'll need that plus a good pick to release the c clip. If you want or need a new ignition switch, now's a good time to swap that out, too. Sent from my SM-S906U using Tapatalk
  17. WWRD99

    Parts location 6.2 lift pump supply line

    get the one that doesn't have the part number on it as it's only 15$...I don't think you're going for NCRS points.
  18. WWRD99

    Please recommend a transfer switch

    Is it a 200 amp service, just curious? Sent from my SM-S906U using Tapatalk
  19. WWRD99

    Mep803a wiring to home panel questions?

    I did 4 gauge aluminum for mine. I was about the same distance if I remember right. I ditch witched it 2 feet deep inside a 3-inch pipe. Worked really good. As far as switching, I went a little overboard, but it's code safe where I am. I could have done the interlock very easily since my 200 amp...
  20. WWRD99

    Turn Signal lever is broke

    Might need one of these? Won't know until you pull the wheel off and the upper spring? You have the compressor tool to take that off? Once you get in there you'll be able to tell what's broke off. I've got a bunch of these signal switches. Sent from my SM-S906U using Tapatalk
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