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  1. PointnShoot4WD

    353 Rebuild

    Entirely dependant on who does the work. If you can find someone to do the work. I had a shop in Carbondale Pa quote me 5500 to convert a 353-T to suit my Goat, given the work involved I guess that would be analogous to a rebuild. But then the DD rep in Augusta Ga wanted to charge me 15,500 to...
  2. PointnShoot4WD

    Park Brake - Shoe/Liner replacement crossover?

    G'day all, Have moved back across the water and wanting to drag the goat with me, however that means removing the asbestos - specifically brake pads and fitting 'clean' replacements. It seems there is a kit on flea-bay to deal with the primary system, which should save stuffing around with...
  3. PointnShoot4WD

    Any ideas of current values for a nice M571?

    Mate, if the issue is getting it fixed to run and enjoy (been a few years since you first posted by the look), you're not too far from Cairo Ga, Russell has rebuilt a couple in the past ( generationjeep.net ). Spock
  4. PointnShoot4WD

    Brake lines.. need help

    It's going to be a 3/16" or 1/4" tube flared nut fitting by the look. Get the flare angle, thread pitch and diameter from the male end. Brake and Hydraulic line technical help (fedhillusa.com) Spock
  5. PointnShoot4WD

    I have joined the Goat herd

    From memory the LVT history page at sgaama tells of a change from US to UK transfer case, heard a rumour it was Bedford sourced but never been able to confirm. Sounds semi legit as Bedford were GM owned. Spock
  6. PointnShoot4WD

    Center bearing (drive shaft to carrier) neede...!

    Ulf, How'd the IVECO unit work out, and do you have a part number if it did? Spock
  7. PointnShoot4WD

    New M561 in family

    So the diffs are Salisbury.... don't suppose you have a similarly marked box for the transfer? Heard a rumour it's of English origin as well,
  8. PointnShoot4WD

    New owner in the UK

    Fluids and rubber bits.... Lube the grease nipples, then check wiring harness rub. I seem to have a curse associated with the brake system where someone mixes DOT 3 into my DOT 5.
  9. PointnShoot4WD

    New M561 in family

    Looks like she's been in storage for a bit, welcome.
  10. PointnShoot4WD

    New country, new Goat

    Out for a run last weekend, delivering lawn tools to a mate... locals must have thought it was a parade, lots of waving and kids being lifted high! Special run tomorrow morning, personal ANZAC service at the Augusta WW1 memorial on Greene, be there for Last Post at 0420H.
  11. PointnShoot4WD

    New country, new Goat

    That i did... just had to try and remember which way to rotate the star wheel to achieve it, TM was not so helpful on the matter... and of course, i have promptly forgotten again. Pretty sure tooth down was release....
  12. PointnShoot4WD

    Brake Upgrade Options

    Has anyone researched/fitted a brake booster or remote vacuum assist system to the Goat brake system? Thinking that if the 715 has the same drums, perhaps a jeep J series booster or similar might work. Spock
  13. PointnShoot4WD

    New country, new Goat

    Shite and briney, back into it. Overnight rain hasn’t amounted to much thankfully. Start with the center left, drum tight, jacked it with the screws and still not able to pull off. Didn’t want to take the wheel off just yet so moved to the front left, figure the pads would need a clean up...
  14. PointnShoot4WD

    New country, new Goat

    Vacuum bleeder was incredibly convenient, near empty rear reservoir in the master cylinder was concerning. Topped the master and then left it for the afternoon have another go on the ‘morrow.
  15. PointnShoot4WD

    New country, new Goat

    Got back to working on my lawn ornament over the weekend, replaced wheel bearings on center left and cleaned up the pad and drums. Bearing swap out was surprisingly easy for inner race, purées well stuck behind the spacer/brackets. Little bit of Brinelling but not bad. Noticed thread goop on the...
  16. PointnShoot4WD

    Gasket P/N needed

    Can give you an engine number to use...
  17. PointnShoot4WD

    Personnel heater and Napa U-joint P/N

    Images as promised. Regards Spock
  18. PointnShoot4WD

    Personnel heater and Napa U-joint P/N

    I can get some pics of the heater fuel feed from mine over the weekend, not that it seems to be working right now, need to replace the final line to the heater anyhow.
  19. PointnShoot4WD

    New country, new Goat

    Tweaked the governor and got a bit more, haven't checked the throttle throw yet, where was the adjustment point? Under the tunnel?
  20. PointnShoot4WD

    New country, new Goat

    Yep, the cold drums were lubricated internally and the hot ones had dry bearings. The centre and rears are running about the right temperature now, fronts are still cold (adjustment coming up) and needs another bleed, the pedal drops to the floor on the first push. Thanksgiving weekend will be...
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