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    Did I just buy a 2023 LMTV M1078A1 or not?

    I looked at the listing. It is an A1. aprox. 2000 to 2006 Possibly 2003 typo
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    Did I just buy a 2023 LMTV M1078A1 or not?

    Looks like a 2001 or so.
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    Private Snuffy just about got me..... BIG TIME!!!

    Looks like Pvt Snuffy worked on my truck also.
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    Winter front. M1078

    My solution was not as elegant. I used a large piece of cardboard and wired it to the front of the truck. It definitely helped. I have operated the truck in temperatures as cold as -36C for long periods of time. At those temperatures it really depends how hard you are working the engine...
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    What coolant & for MEP-802a? Precharged nitrite type or just green heavy duty type?

    Napa currently has Rotella ELC on sale. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/SHE9404106021
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    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    The SRW is significantly underrated. I have the 11K SRW on the 2.5 ton truck and with a full drum it is rated to pull 6,780 pounds according to the data plate on the winch. I know that it can drag the truck on flat ground with nearly a full winch drum of cable. I did that by accident once. To...
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    Interesting Response from Vermont DECLINING my HMMWV Registration

    The Vermont DMV seems to be going through some policy changes with regard to out of state registration applications. In the last several months the Vermont DMV has had some mixed decisions on out of state registration applications. This seems to indicate the policy changes are not being applied...
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    Long time lurker looking to buy

    I have had my 1998 M1078 for 5 years now. Bought it at auction (govplanet). It was in really nice condition. It came from a National Guard unit. I have not had any problems with mine other than some normal age related stuff. If you buy from an auction site I would suggest trying to find a truck...
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    Interesting Response from Vermont DECLINING my HMMWV Registration

    I am sorry, I may not have been entirely clear. The past mistake made by the Vermont DVM with sales tax was completely unrelated to (the Vermont loophole) registering vehicles by mail from people who were currently located in another state. I was trying to use their previous mistake with...
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    Interesting Response from Vermont DECLINING my HMMWV Registration

    The Vermont DMV has a history of making some very large mistakes in the past. So, just because you got this official response from a high ranking DMV official does not necessarily mean he or she is correct. In the past, the DMV made a huge error in collecting sales tax. They collected sales tax...
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    CTIS and Arduino

    I also purchased one of these units from Christian years ago for my 1998 M1078. It has worked perfectly, Thank you Christian.
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    non-stretch recovery rope?

    https://www.westechrigging.com/wire-rope-swg-galv-058.html 50 feet of Super Swaged 5/8" 6/26 cable with spliced thimbles is my friend. Breaking strength is 54,000lbs. If that is not enough you could get 3/4" Ronmar is correct, synthetic line should be taken out of service after severe stress...
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    FMTV Transmission Replacement

    https://www.steelsoldiers.com/threads/how-do-you-make-a-lmtv-not-suck-in-the-snow.206857/ This is not a short answer so I posted a link to a discussion on the subject. The rubber is hard on the stock tires and no sipes so lowering the tire pressure is a must if you are driving on paved, plowed...
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    What is the Correct Part number for Cab Mount air bags?

    I used this replacement. It works well and easy to install. https://midwestmilitaryequipment.com/upgraded-air-spring-cab-suspension-kit-for-lmtv-mtv/
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    Winches; front, back and frame mounted.

    I have the SRW on my truck and have used it quite a bit. Despite the 11K rating it has pulled everything I have asked of it. I do not have the tools required to measure the actual line pull but it seems to be very underrated. It is easily capable of dragging a M1078 across dry flat pavement with...
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    Class E in GA still a viable option?

    The flow chart does not show air brakes as a trigger for a CDL.
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    Class E in GA still a viable option?

    Georgia Department of Driver's Services has a Commercial Drive's Manual. Page 6 has a flow chart that shows the requirements to determine the class of the vehicle. Note that none of those requirements are dependent on how the truck is being used. It does not matter if you are pulling your boat...
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    Just Received My M1078 A0

    As for the hard shifts, that is normal as others have said. Some things that reduce the hard shifts are: 1. A fully warmed transmission. 2. A load on the truck. 3. Make sure the engine idle speed is correct. Sometimes the throttle linkage can bind a little. Check the base of the pedal in the cab...
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