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  1. hvydee

    MTVR finally delivered..

    When I picked up my MTVR they let me look around the yard at other trucks. Check out these photos with the Armor still installed on the truck! This plating is massive, looks like it could stop a .50cal…that explains all the holes in the cab of my truck…
  2. hvydee

    Tire/Wheel Covers.

    Yeah, I had to replace perfectly good tires due to cracking from UV rays. The bbq cover looks promising…
  3. hvydee

    Ibis Tek front bumper for HMMWV

    I really like this set up…
  4. hvydee

    MTVR finally delivered..

    Well, I finally got the item release for my 2007 AMK23A1 that I purchased on May 3, 2023. I went to Leesburg to watch it get loaded. Man, what a beast of a truck! My truck started right up and was able to drive right onto the trailer. The guys at GovPlanet were great, they aired up a low tire...
  5. hvydee

    TM 10629A-OD TM Operation manual with component list MK-23,25,27,28

    Count me in on a copy…
  6. hvydee

    Leesburg Georgia PU info

    How did your pickup go in Leesburg. I just won a MTVR also so I'll be picking it up soon. Do they help with loading etc. Pretty cool trucks, looking forward to finally getting it home...
  7. hvydee

    Army PS Magazine Index of all FMTV Articles with Subject, Issue, and Page Numbers

    I got these to pull up on my computer. As a new guy looking to buy an LMTV the more I learn about them the better. Thanks for the links...
  8. hvydee

    Title info for new trailers

    It sounds like I spent $120 for nothing. The girl at GL said that they were going to use the 4 digit serial number for a VIN. She assured me the DMV would accept that. Other than that I'm still waiting for the SF-97's. I might send a PM to find out about your experience here in Georgia getting...
  9. hvydee

    Title info for new trailers

    Hey guys, I finally picked up my two M101 trailers from Anniston. Really nice shape, my question is: should I paid for the SF97 from Gov't Liq. in order to title and tag these trailers in Georgia. I tried calling the DMV here and I get conflicting comments. What do you all think..........
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