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  1. DangDang

    New Member Pensacola, Florida (Born/Resident)

    Man! Don’t get me started! I’ve already contemplated it. I even bought a little extra 34086 odg paint just in case. The golf cart & Jon boat are getting sprayed next.
  2. DangDang

    So many questions. Interior resto

    I am about to be doing some upgrades also. I saw a pretty good dash installation video LMC did https://www.lmctruck.com/product-videos/kevin-tetz-how-to/dash-install-video FYI I saw a few other videos where people had to trim the flanges on the end (*also notes it in the catalog) Saw one dude...
  3. DangDang

    New Member Pensacola, Florida (Born/Resident)

    Thanks guys! @rtk Yes it is still 24v. I plan on keeping her that way for a while, but the Vintage Air conversion is pretty damn tempting living in Florida. Not a daily driver so I will manage. I couldn’t believe the amount of extra crap I pulled out of this thing! One thing I will have to...
  4. DangDang

    New Member Pensacola, Florida (Born/Resident)

    Hello SteelSoldiers. Thanks for having me. New CUCV owner here. This forum is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge from members posts to TM’s, so… Thanks again. My CUCV is a 1986 M1028 that the local fire department had after being relieved of its military duties. The FD used it as a brush fire...
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