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  1. droprat

    Las Cruces, NM to Phoenix, AZ. Round Trip.

    Leaving Las Cruces Jan 21 Early a.m. Leaving Phoenix Jan 23 afternoon. Can pick up or drop off smaller items. Please have loading/unloading arrangements. Thanks, Rich Text or call 575-649-1308
  2. droprat

    Nm to tx to nm

    Traveling from Las Cruces, NM to Dallas on April 19 have a little room to drop off or pick up stuff. Return trip from Dallas to Las Cruces on April 22 will have room to drop off or pick up stuff. Throw in some fuel $. Thanks Rich
  3. droprat

    Trade military truck parts for transporting John Deere Zero Degree Lawn Tractor

    Lawn Tractor needs to be transported from Van Horn, TX to Red Oak, TX. Lawn Tractor runs for easy loading. Length 84" width overall 86" height overall 73"width with deflector up 74" weight 1252 lbs. PM for specific parts and details on transport. Thanks, Rich
  4. droprat

    Bug N Out

    Need a VW BUG transported west to EL PASO, TX FROM DALLAS,TX. Military parts or $ for trade.
  5. droprat

    Couple New Deuces and an M-929A1

    Picked these up recently. Gonna play around with them a little!
  6. droprat

    NM to MO and Back to NM Transport

    Currently planning a trip from Las Cruces, NM to Kansas City, MO and returning to Las Cruces, NM. Weather Disclaimer Upfront! I'll be leaving jus before Christmas or right after and returning to Las Cruces around December 30. I will either be taking a 12' trailer or 20' trailer depending on...
  7. droprat

    Round Trip from Las Cruces, NM to Dallas,TX

    Anyone needing small-medium items transported from Las Cruces, NM to Dallas, TX or Dallas to Las Cruces please contact me. Will be traveling I-10 and I-20 with toyhauler partially empty. Leaving Las Cruces 22 of Sept arriving in Dallas on 23 of Sept. Leaving Dallas on 26 of Sept and arriving...
  8. droprat

    Palm Springs CA to Las Cruces NM

    Last minute trip from Palm Springs, CA to Las Cruces, NM. VIA I-10. Let me know what needs to be transported I have some extra room, about 1 civilian truck bed size. Leaving Palm Springs Saturday June 20 & possibly Phoenix Sunday June 21. Rich PM, TEXT, CALL 575-649-1308
  9. droprat

    Recently serviced by Govt?

    Recently picked up this 105. Does this stenciling mean that this trailer was last serviced on 8/13? Thanks
  10. droprat

    GL 5 Ton M810 Ft.Bliss, TX-Post Auction Info

    Anyone have any mechanical information on an M810 (converted truck tractor)at Ft. Bliss, TX? GL description comments stated "will not start" Curious if anyone did a pre-inspection of it and what they found? Won this truck yesterday.
  11. droprat

    Need Transportation of a Transfer Case

    Need a Rockwell T1138 (5 Ton) transfer case shipped from Las Cruces, NM to Deerfield Beach, FL. Thanks Rich
  12. droprat

    Barstow- New Rules?

    Last week I had a rep preview 7 trucks @ Barstow. He told me that he was only given 30 minutes to preview all 7 trucks! He was also not allowed to start any of the vehicles or open the hoods to check fluids!!! No pictures or videos either! I understand security and time constraint's but...
  13. droprat


    Weight of an m-931 transfer case? Weight of an m-931 allison transmission? Thanks rich
  14. droprat

    Testing ABS ECU

    I am parting out an M-931 and need to test the ABS ECU to see if it is still good. Any suggestions? A large portion of the truck has been removed, (No gauges, no ABS light, No air lines etc) Thanks in advance!!!
  15. droprat

    Forklift Needed in Phoenix AZ

    Anyone have the equipment(forklift) available to transfer from one trailer to another; a Cummins NHC 250 engine and transmission in Phoenix, AZ? I am available Saturday Sept 8. Please let me know if this date is good. Engine weighs approximately 4800lbs Weight of the transmission is...
  16. droprat

    5 Ton Batteries

    Anyone near Las Cruces, NM have for sale or know where I can get some dependable replacement batteries for my M-931 CLOSE BY and at a decent price?????? Currently have Hawker Armasafe Plus 6TAGM Hawker batteries preferred. Found these online-BUT PRETTY EXPENSIVE...
  17. droprat

    I can give assistance if needed in Las Cruces????

    Whoever won the M-900 series trucks at the Las Cruces NG Armory (End date of GL auction 5-17-2012) let me know if you need any help with temp storage or anything else. Here to help anyway we can. Rich
  18. droprat

    Crankcase Breather Tube Smoke/Oil

    Well!!! Got word back yesterday from diesel mechanic shop on why there was oil and smoke coming from crankcase breather tube and coolant in the oil!!??? Looks like the cylinder liners/sleeves are bad. Mechanic stated that it may have been caused by someone running straight water through...
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