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  1. Greasy

    Having a 5 ton wrecker is handy

    This weekend I spent more time with the " Ugly Duckling" volunteering at the museum. The museum has 3 storage boxes (2 containers 1 truck trailer) that were staged right next to each other. In an effort to gain more covered vehicle parking, the storage containers were moved 13 feet apart and a...
  2. Greasy

    Having a 5 ton wrecker is handy

    Exactly! I'm always looking for reasons to exercise her! In the next few weeks, I will be moving several storage containers (Intermodal containers) for the museum. The more that I run and use her, the better she runs!
  3. Greasy

    Having a 5 ton wrecker is handy

    Several months ago I used my M-543 wrecker at a local museum that I volunteer at and forgot to post pictures! Myself and another volunteer have been painting the museum's T-33 and wanted to reattach the wing tip fuel tanks (that have never been installed). The tip tanks are not really heavy...
  4. Greasy

    My first CUCV

    Welcome! Nice score! I love my 1009. This site is a wealth of knowledge, the search function will be your friend. Just about every repair topic has been covered at one time or another. Post more pictures!
  5. Greasy

    Turboing a 6.2l build (another one)

    Dsilverline, hello from a fellow Californian! Thank you for your step by step install with pictures. Recently I purchased locally a GM 6.5 turbo set up (and other items) and will install it on my M-1009. Can you describe more your turbo oil feed line set up, long with your electric fuel pump...
  6. Greasy

    M-1009 heater hoses and thermostat

    I appreciate the advise nyoffroad, hit a little roadblock with the thermostat. My local parts house (I buy local when I can) could not get a 190 therm, only showed 180, 195, 205 (?), etc. Ended up going through a "South American River" named company to get a AC delco 190 therm. My local parts...
  7. Greasy

    M-1009 heater hoses and thermostat

    Makes sense, I will add anti-seize to the threads going back together. Steel bolts in an aluminum housing close to water = No bueno
  8. Greasy

    M-1009 heater hoses and thermostat

    Thank you CUCVRUS for the advice. I will do what you suggested and change all the gaskets while the cooling system is drained. Maybe "Flush" the back of the heads while the covers are off.
  9. Greasy

    M-1009 heater hoses and thermostat

    In the next few days I will be changing out my leaking heater hoses and thermostat (while i'm there). Currently my 09 is at a friends ranch, my question is what size heater hoses and length do I buy? Secondly what temp thermostat do I purchase? Living in the central valley of California it get...
  10. Greasy

    Voltmeter click?

    How id the install go? Cure your issue? I just bought the same kit you did and about going to install mine this weekend. My 1009 will only trip the GP's after sitting overnight, or sitting a really long time. She still starts every time, but have noticed the GP's don't cycle like they use to.
  11. Greasy

    Voltmeter click?

    Stupid question, where is the "Temp" sensor located? All I can think of the fast idle sensor (right rear head).
  12. Greasy

    Message and photo

    Hello, I have been trying to attach a photo on a message with Saberr to explain a seat measurement, but I cannot attach a photo. Is there a way to attach one? Using the "test" forum, I can attach them.
  13. Greasy

    test pic

  14. Greasy

    California members

    Halftrack kid and I will be there! We both have LLOONNGG lists of parts needed.
  15. Greasy

    Poll - Who has done the Doghead Relay Conversion

    This weekend I visited my local Napa with a printed Doghead wire diagram in hand. Hopefully this weekend my M-1009 will not be "running away" in the future. Thank you Doghead!
  16. Greasy

    Brake replacement part: what is this thing? [m1009]

    Those are dust covers that "Pop" into the brake adjusting slot on the backing plate. These push in the slot on the outside. Will try to find a picture.
  17. Greasy

    M-543 "The Ugly Duckling"

    Thank you! Currently the museum has no plans to restore the T-50 (airplane). Sadly, it is in pretty bad shape, over the years this air-frame has donated parts to keep other T-50's going. Being largely made up of wood (wings, spar, elevator, etc.) it did not hold up well over the years.
  18. Greasy

    M-543 "The Ugly Duckling"

    Thank you! Her data tag is not stamped for the year, if memory serves me right, Kaiser-Jeep is the manufacturer. The only dates I have found were on the crane operators compartment stating 1968 certifications (riveted plate) along with boom certifications done 11/91 stenciled on the boom. The...
  19. Greasy

    M-543 "The Ugly Duckling"

    The Duckling has a direct transmission, the shift pattern is a standard "H", but yes, she is wicked slow but will get you there! With her weight, I do not know if the turbo'ed multi-fuel could handle the overdrive.
  20. Greasy

    M-543 "The Ugly Duckling"

    I have attached several more pictures of the "Ugly Duckling" when she arrived at the shop, during her refurbishment and being used in off-road recovery. The recovery photos do not do the location justice, with the steepness of the incline climbing out of the riverbed.
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