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  1. juanprado

    Ongoing Log Of My 1987 HMMWV

    I would recommend doing the airlift, extension , and tire carrier at the same time. If you want more challenge do the reinforcement and mud flaps and be done with it😀 Not impossible but just have a good supply of bolts nuts, and washers handy. Rig looking good Doc 🤠
  2. juanprado

    Weird M939 20 foot bed... Insulated/shielded?

    Interesting, I wonder if the marines with the ISO beds had it also?
  3. juanprado

    Caiman Steel Wheel valve thread size?

    I will need to take a picture but not sure if it will be visible as I screwed the hubcap protector covers back on after I aired them up. Coming straight out of the rim maybe 1 inch. It might not be threaded all the way as that makes sense why nothing would grab it but it does feel like G said...
  4. juanprado

    Why remove runflats?

    Many thoughts on this. Some do not like the added weight and inertia on the wheels. They tend to ride rough the first few miles after sitting up but then even out. I personally have seen too many trucks on the interstate on their side from box trucks to semi. Don't know the causes but some had...
  5. juanprado

    Caiman Steel Wheel valve thread size?

    I have some black Camian steel wheels with runflats & goodyears on my 5 ton m923. They were brand new and surplused in the GL days at Ft. Polk. I went to air /check them and some were in need of air. I found it a bear to hold the air chuck against the stems and to get air pressure readings off...
  6. juanprado

    Ebay Parts Question That is a shame as they were reasonable but I can see the difficulty of collecting sales tax and remitting to all the locations is not worth the small retail business they do in comparison to the Military and gov't orders. I blame the...
  7. juanprado

    Ebay Parts Question

    Check prices against buying directly from breton. Many Ebay sellers are just reselling and marking up.
  8. juanprado

    M101 Trailer Replacement Shocks

    The 37114 has the correct bushing style that OE uses. All specs can be seen here: It looks to me that Monroe moved this shock from the monroe matic mid level line to their premium line and of course more $ as they are now very proud of it. :-(
  9. juanprado

    M101A2 Spare Tire Mount/Carrier

    I simply have mine standing upright in the back facing the side inbetween the wheel well and back with a ratchet strap to the side and through the tire. Takes up minimal space. Others have used tire winch mounts from pick ups or suv's and made a frame underneath to hold it under the bed and...
  10. juanprado

    AN/TPQ-36 FireFinder (Modified M116A1) Trailer

    I had uploaded it in 2014 :-) Frank was pointing to the post. It is a large 18mb file. Files that large can chock depending on your ISP.
  11. juanprado

    HMMWV M998 presentation across the Atlantic.

    Wow, That is from my side of the world and not too far away. My truck also came out of Ft. Polk. Been there several times..... Joint Readiness Training Center is used for units called up and getting ready to ship out with last minute training to familiarize them with the environment they will be...
  12. juanprado

    Shifter Box Rivet Nut Installation Help

    Do you wire it via a manual switch or another way? I know in my state and others to pass inspection, it has to come on when in "reverse"
  13. juanprado

    HMMWV M998 presentation across the Atlantic.

    That is the newer style of turn signal switch that can be used with the newer black bigger steering wheel that has a cancel ring underneath to turn blinker off automatically after turn is complete. I think you still have the old style wheel. The newer one is worth the upgrade if you can find it...
  14. juanprado

    Shifter Box Rivet Nut Installation Help

    Another thread on here that suggested using a neutral safety switch for a Massey fergeuson farm tractor as it had the correct oddball threads. I bought one off ebay for $15. Had not installed it yet but looks like it will work perfectly. Just makeing my own wiring harness
  15. juanprado

    Strange parts

    Brake cable covers for a trailer. Maybe m101 or m105 Hard to tell
  16. juanprado

    400amp alternator

    Brackets are different. Not sure on other items. You will need a fork lift to install ...just kidding but serious weight in that unit.
  17. juanprado

    WTB Pls Flatrack

    Thanks as I had not seen those offered on GL or Gp
  18. juanprado

    WTB Pls Flatrack

    Was that a scrap sale? Free gen set trailer with dump/ster....
  19. juanprado

    WTB Pls Flatrack

    Suspect demil code is not friendly to release. I have only seen the bridge boat carrying flat racks sold.
  20. juanprado

    Towing Drash Trailer home

    This type of surge does not have a lock out. Same as the m1101/2 Very few have reported trouble with them.
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