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  1. reset2

    Letterkenny PA Army Depot Preview at GovPlanet

    I guess I should call the site but thought I would ask here first or also. Can you get a "Preview" at the GovPlanet pickup lot. I have done two pickups and the person there would not let me past the gate to the yard, but I forgot to say that I wanted to "Preview" the up coming equipment. I had...
  2. reset2

    Vacuum Super Sucker

    Just started down the road of the great super suckers. I first started out with a 5 gallon jug and some valves/ hoses. Progressed to this. Testing image loading.:-)
  3. reset2

    New Castle DE Pickup Gen Trailer Recoery

    Planning on a recovery of a Gen trailer Wednesday 3 12 2014. Does anyone need me to look at anything while Im there? Dont give me a list of all trucks but I can look over a couple if that would help.
  4. reset2

    WVO, Biodiesel and WMO Processing Trailer

    This thread is my building of a oil processing trailer. :-D
  5. reset2

    Newby to the site.

    Been a member for a while and life puts other things in front of my steel soldiers browsing. Maryland :(
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