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  1. Greasy

    Having a 5 ton wrecker is handy

    Several months ago I used my M-543 wrecker at a local museum that I volunteer at and forgot to post pictures! Myself and another volunteer have been painting the museum's T-33 and wanted to reattach the wing tip fuel tanks (that have never been installed). The tip tanks are not really heavy...
  2. Greasy

    M-1009 heater hoses and thermostat

    In the next few days I will be changing out my leaking heater hoses and thermostat (while i'm there). Currently my 09 is at a friends ranch, my question is what size heater hoses and length do I buy? Secondly what temp thermostat do I purchase? Living in the central valley of California it get...
  3. Greasy

    Message and photo

    Hello, I have been trying to attach a photo on a message with Saberr to explain a seat measurement, but I cannot attach a photo. Is there a way to attach one? Using the "test" forum, I can attach them.
  4. Greasy

    test pic

  5. Greasy

    M-543 "The Ugly Duckling"

    A close friend (mentor) lets me store, play, operate and maintain his M-543 wrecker. The owner (my boss at the time) and I rescued her and brought her back to the yard. She was purchased from another local tow company that had given up on her (left to sit in the corner of the yard, sinking into...
  6. Greasy

    M135 recovery in CA.

    Last weekend Halftrackkid and I made a trek out in the foothills East of Bakersfield, CA. to recover a WW2 CCKW sitting on a ranch about to be cut up for scrap. The ranch had been sold, the new owners wanted everything "Gone". Neither Halftrackkid or I could let a pice of history meet the scrap...
  7. Greasy

    Picked up M1009 at a local auction

    Halftrackkid and I have had an eye on a black M-1009 sitting at a local City maintenance yard. For over a year it sat neglected, gathering dust and spider webs. From what we could gather, the M-1009 had been last used at a local CDC facility as a "CERT" team vehicle. After the State closed the...
  8. Greasy

    1944 A-26 in Shafter, Ca

    I got to help a friend of mine work on his A-26 this weekend. The A-26's R-2800's have not been started in 6 to 8 months. Saturday the lower 5 spark plugs pulled on both engines, pre oiled both engines, turned them over (with mags off) to clear bottom cylinders. Topped off engine oil and fuel...
  9. Greasy

    Bakersfield, Ca get together

    Last Thursday night several "Like minded individuals" (friends) got together with some of our favorite toys. We call ourselves "ODD". That stands for "Olive Drab Drivers". We met up at Chuy's restaurant in Bakersfield. We try and get together at least once a month. Each time we try and meet...
  10. Greasy

    What did we find?

    Halftrackkid received a phone call form a scrapper he knows. The scrapper was cleaning up a ranch in Santa Maria, CA Ranch and found this military trailer that has not moved in over 40 years. Needlessly we beat feet to check it out. The only information we received from the previous owner was he...
  11. Greasy

    New to me 101A1

    Today I bought a 1968 M-101A1. Looks like i had a generator in it at one time, or was some type of lighting trailer. Still has mounting brackets, fuel lines and fuel tank still installed. I was looking for a trailer to pull behind my 1976 M-880. Found this one and the price was right. Maybe...
  12. Greasy

    Good times in a M-109

    Here are some pictures of my 1965 M-109A3. These are of me and friends in the Bakersfield, Ca Veterans Day Parade. I was one of fourteen vehicles in our group.
  13. Greasy

    1953 m-211

    Posting this for a friend of mine. He has an outstanding military vehicle collection. It's a good running M-211 with trailer. She is an older restoration, with a radio in the cargo area. Needs a little brake work. I enjoy working on it and his other military vehicles. Attention getter when ever...
  14. Greasy

    Soon to co-owner M-109A1

    I will soon be a co-owner of a slightly used 1965 M-109A1. This is a picture of me driving her out of the SCRAP YARD! Two new batteries, check fluids, air up tires and I had a key that fit (no push button)! With in an hour we were our way home :grin:.
  15. Greasy

    Saved one! 1975 M880

    Just saved a 1975 M880 from the scrapper! :-D On a trailer heading to an undignified end. Borrowed battery, some fresh gas, fingers crossed......SHE RUNS!!!! Has some carb issues. Complete interior only missing the black out swich and horn button. Exterior is only missing the pintle hitch. Still...
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