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  1. sandcobra164

    Skipping NHC-250, bad fuel line or overhead adjustment?

    My truck has recently developed a curious condition. It starts fine but sounds like it's only firing on 4 cylinders. After driving about 30 minutes it's fine. Idling for 30 minutes before driving does not cure the issue which in my thoughts would be air sucked in and stuck in the fuel passages...
  2. sandcobra164

    Crankshaft Pulley

    I picked up a M1045A2 for a member on here. Installed batteries, got it running but 30 minutes later the crankshaft pulley decided it was no longer part of the team. It is an 8 rib drive pulley on a serpentine accessory drive. Is this a HMMWV specific part or can I go to NAPA and provide a...
  3. sandcobra164

    Merry Christmas and Say Thank You to another Member Thread

    All, In the Spirit of the season I want to start a thread in a new direction. Basic format is call out another member and tell them why you think they are great. Here goes. I want to call out Welder1. You have been my friend for quite a few days and I'm lucky to have you as a friend. We...
  4. sandcobra164

    2018 Leesburg, Ga Spirit of Christmas Parade

    SW GA Area friends, It's time to put together my roster for the Annual Spirit of Christmas Parade in my hometown of Leesburg, Ga. The event will start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday December 1st. Please respond by November 16th so that I can add you to my line-up. I know that I have 3 trucks...
  5. sandcobra164

    M1028 Fuel Issues

    Bottom line up front, I'm reaching out for ideas. My truck has started acting strange lately. It loses prime when sitting over night (will be replacing all rubber lines and installing spin on fuel filter). It also randomly stalls out. Most of the symptoms point towards injection pump so I've...
  6. sandcobra164

    CUCV Factory Build Sheet M1028

    Data is always good so here is some from my M1028. I've posted pictures of the build sheet but never close enough to provide any detail. Below are the option codes that apply to my truck. A52: SEAT ASM-BENCH CMD: CHEVROLET FLINT ASM C6T: GVW RATING 9400 LB D1U: GEAR-SPEEDOMETER DRIV E25...
  7. sandcobra164

    M939 Winter Storage

    I thought I'd bounce some ideas off some smart guy's heads. In the past, I'd put the deuce to bed this time of year and I did the same thing with the 5 ton as well for the last 2 years. The deuce always started easy and of course the 250 in the 5 ton does not. I started the 5 ton up this...
  8. sandcobra164

    2017 Leesburg Spirit of Christmas Parade

    I'm a little late asking for help but I need a ton of it this year. The date is 2 December in Leesburg, Ga. The meet up point is in my front yard at 325 Thundering Springs. My problems are I'm going to be out of town for National Guard duty, I need drivers for my M1028 and M923 and I need to...
  9. sandcobra164

    Will a 250 Cummins run on waste oil? My observations over 3 years.

    Short answer, yes it will. Now onto some background. I used to have an M35A2 and a friend of mine still does. I put anything petroleum based in the fuel tank of that truck for years with no worries. Drained oil from the car, lawnmower, friends waste oil, good to go! My friend built a very...
  10. sandcobra164

    Gooseneck trailer hitch on M923

    I think I have seen a thread on this before but search is not my friend tonight. I have come across a pretty decent deal on a camper that needs to be pulled home with a truck compatible with a gooseneck adapter in the bed. I would like to equip my cargo truck to be able to pull it while...
  11. sandcobra164

    Individual Combat Shelter Tent Poles

    I'm looking for a set of tent poles for my ICS/OCR tent. One broke during annual training with the National Guard and they are slow to replace broken items sometimes. Looking at the pole, it is stamped "Easton .334 / 4.3 7075. I looked around and the NSN is 8340-01-521-8203. I need the 2...
  12. sandcobra164

    MTVR MK 30 Dump Truck Experience

    As many know, the MCLB in Albany took a direct hit from a EF-3 Tornado in the Heart of the area I work in. The last few days have been Awesome!!! I spent a few days driving a Cat M277C skid steer but they ran short of operators so I spent the day in a dump truck! I've driven MTVR's before but...
  13. sandcobra164

    M939 Series vs FMTV Series trucks, Pros and Cons

    I've worked with and on both and own an M923A1. I certainly have some thoughts but would like to hear from a crowd. I have contemplated in getting into 90's technology and getting a newer truck but I have my doubts about the yellow engine. The FMTV trucks win hands down in the power...
  14. sandcobra164

    No Thru Trucks signs

    Well I believe I have made a few neighbors mad. A few rural roads around me are now posted "No Thru Trucks". I know that during the Christmas Holiday, the County Commissioner is likely out of office but it would appear that I have to engage him in the near future. I'm just curious as to how...
  15. sandcobra164

    2016 Leesburg, Ga Spirit of Christmas Parade

    All, You are cordially invited to participate in the Annual Christmas Parade in my hometown. We have done this for the past 5 years and we normally wind up with 4 or 5 trucks under the flag of CAMO, Leesburg Detachment. Last year we had support from the HQ's and Proud American made the...
  16. sandcobra164

    Thanks to Welder1 and Dumpster!

    I had a breakdown Sunday and had to have my M923A1 towed. Thankfully I had a towbar in the bed and a friend close by with an M923A2. My truck made it home safely. I pulled the Injection pump and sure enough I found my problem. 15 gallons of oil drained out, IP removed and turned into an...
  17. sandcobra164

    M923A1 multiple issues all at once

    Driving home today in my M923, had a breakdown. I pulled over because I had a burst of smoke in the cab, truck seemed to be running fine. Stopped quickly, shut down and noticed quite a bit of oil on the drivers side front and passenger side rear of the engine block along with quite a bit on...
  18. sandcobra164

    M923A1 vs M923A2

    I know the differences between the basics of the trucks. I drove an M923A2 home for an almost new member today and had some questions between the two models. My M923A1 seems alot stronger off the line and through the gears. I know both trucks have the same transmission but it seems the M923A2...
  19. sandcobra164

    Albany GA to GA Rally

    Putting this out there for anyone else who may be in the local area. I'm going to the GA Rally and plan on departing around 0800 on the 20th. So far it looks like a convoy of 3 M35A2's and 1 M923A1. If anyone else is local and would like to ride along, let me know. We do have a towbar...
  20. sandcobra164

    John at MCLB Albany Gov Planet

    I give Commendation to Mr. John (Hase?) who mans the site at the Swift Trucking yard just south of MCLB Albany, Ga. He has been a tremendous asset and a friend. He may not realize it but I have told him the horror stories of doing pickups for members on here who purchased stuff when GL had the...
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