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  1. WW2Chevy

    G506 Leaf spring top plates

    Looking for a pair of leaf spring top plates. Plates are 2-1/4 wide x 5-1/2 long, and look similar to this: The truck is a 1942 Chevy G506 1-1/2 ton 4x4 army truck.
  2. WW2Chevy

    South NY state, North PA to the MVPA rally in Cleveland??

    Trying to work a deal on a small trailer in Mansfield (PA or NY, not sure which yet). The seller is insisting on local pickup only, cash in hand. Trailer could be easily hauled in a pickup bed, or delivered to a trucking company if the MVPA rally is not in the cards. Thanks!
  3. WW2Chevy

    Field stove 18in. x 24in. x 12in. Newark, OH to Central IL

    Hi, Hoping to purchase a Field stove (18in. x 24in. x 12in.), but the seller insists that it is "pickup only". Would easily fit in most car trunks, back seats, or pickup beds... Can not be picked up until after 11/17/2016. Delivery could be any time after, by arrangement. Could also meet...
  4. WW2Chevy

    WTB Ben Hur trailer parts

    Hi all, I'm looking for the front tongue parts (ie lunette, lunette casting, landing wheel, landing wheel swivel ) for a WW2 Ben Hur trailer. Anyone have a basket case that they'd consider parting out?? Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  5. WW2Chevy

    1 ton rated trailer - WI to NE / IA

    would like to find someone headed from the Hartford, WI area, SW through IA and/or NE. I have a rolling trailer, weight is about 3,400 pounds, that I would like to get moved no later than December. The trailer comes with an extra axle, but will easily fit in the bed of the trailer. I have NOT...
  6. WW2Chevy

    Need pickup/transport Columbus OH to Lincoln, NE

    Hi all, I am looking for someone to do a pickup in the Columbus, OH area of a small stove. Seller decribes the item as "a large metal green box. 13"H X 18"W X 25" " Would easily fit in the back of most vehicles. Seller insists on cash at time of pickup. I can send you the required funds...
  7. WW2Chevy

    Load out, camp Shelby, MS first week in Jan, 2010??

    Anyone available to do a loadout of misc. parts (800 lbs.) from Camp Shelby, MS the first week of Jan, 2010?? Items may need to be stored for a time until I can retrive them, but outside storage would be fine... :wink: Let me know!
  8. WW2Chevy

    Minden, NV

    Anybody within a short distance of Minden, NV that could do a load out for me after an auction coming up Sept 13. The auction rules require all lots to be picked up within 4 days, or be racked with daily storage fees, up to 10 days after auction. Please let me know if you're anywhere close...
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