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  1. Mogman

    Looking for a HMMWV turbo doghouse

    The title says it all!
  2. Mogman

    How not to install a Duramax in a M998

    Well hopefully this will not be the epitaph for this project, I thought a thread with the progress and possible pitfalls that lay ahead might be interesting to someone, constructive criticism, hints and comments from actual experience will be of course welcome. Some of this has been told before...
  3. Mogman

    Body removal

    Is there a TM that includes body removal? So far my observations are, remove all the hoses from the power steering/brake booster and fan control, unbolt master cylinder so it will stay with the chassis, unbolt all the cables from the starter, remove the stack mounts for the front harness and...
  4. Mogman

    Anybody titled a HMMWV in Texas lately

    OK moderators before you get your dander up I am not asking about anything illegal...... I would like to consult with anyone that has titled there Humvee in Texas lately, PM is also fine.
  5. Mogman

    Brought MEP-831A # 2 home, Controller issues

    OK I got #2 home today, filled it with oil, fuel, fixed the broken sediment bowl (replaced) and this one runs and generates but as SEEMS to be NORMAL it has controller issues, this one the "arm" will not rotate enough to contact the magnet, I am assuming someone messed with the pinch bolt that...
  6. Mogman

    24 bolt O rings that fit

    I purchased some O rings off of one of the auction sites, they were supposed to be for the late 12 and 24 bolt wheels (orange) they listed military part numbers but it does say it "replaces" those numbers, never actually saying they were OEM, no big problem I can send them back. SO the...
  7. Mogman

    ARMY number on my M998 #2

    OK so there is a US ARMY number on the kick panels on both sides of my M998 #2, US ARMY NG4B3C, is there any way to reference this number?
  8. Mogman

    MEP-831A have to release the governor arm manually

    I picked up a MEP-831 yesterday with only 0.7hrs on the clock, after shutting it down I have to manually release the governor arm from the magnet before I can start it again, otherwise all looks to be working OK, I looked it up in the field manual and it said to refer to field level maint...
  9. Mogman

    CTIS questions for those who have CTIS

    I am curious about the CTIS system for the HMMWV, I understand very few were installed from the factory so there will not be allot of folks that can answer these questions. 1, what is the max pressure the factory system will allow? 2, are there normally any issue with the seals in the hubs...
  10. Mogman

    12K half shaft part numbers??

    Sorry if this is redundant, I did search and did not find the answers. SO for 12K hubs and vented rotors the half shafts are LF= 2520014214588, RCSK17028-3 RF= 2520014231947, RCSK17028-2 REAR= 2520014214589, RCSK17028-1 Also the 12K uses the same boot in and out? These would be A2 shafts YES??
  11. Mogman

    12K half shafts, all the same?

    Are all 12K half shafts the same (not talking about length relative to their position) I picked up a set of 12K hubs with CTIS for the M998 #2 project and see sellers selling 12K half shafts but they are being specific on what models they fit, I assumed they would be all the same, except for...
  12. Mogman

    24 bolt wheel bolts?

    I have looked and cannot find a parts breakdown for the 24 bolt wheels, do they use the same bolts as the 12 bolt wheels? I come up with NSN 5306014172467 and part number 12460179 for the 12 bolt wheels. I am referring to the evenly spaced 24 bolt wheels in case that makes a difference.
  13. Mogman

    YRC just a heads up!

    In case you are thinking of using YRC for a LTL load, they now have a contract with Walmart and all Walmart shipments are given first priority. That means I am screwed, I shipped in some radios for terminal pickup, the trailer has been at the terminal for 10 days and has yet to be stripped, they...
  14. Mogman

    Tire date code

    I am curious if anyone has an explanation for this date code of NEWV, this does not fit any DOT date code that I can find. It does have a plant code for Goodyear in Topeka Edit, it looks like it has no date code, I thought the second set after the DOT was the date code but according to this it...
  15. Mogman

    8 weeks and counting

    Has anyone received an EUC lately, I am wondering if they (both GP and government) are even processing them, my status is still on "fill EUC" which I have done 8 weeks age, they have not responded to an email I sent them a month ago, BOY I MISS GOVERNMENT LIQUIDATION! I am not in a state of...
  16. Mogman

    Hydroboost repair

    Well the "step on brake hard" part of the power steering pump test was too much for the 28 year old piston seal in the Hydroboost unit on my M998 and it started leaking between the master cylinder and the firewall. A quick look around and the replacement cost was too much for my cheap a$$ so I...
  17. Mogman

    Water pumps?

    Please forgive me if this has been discussed before but a search did not turn up anything, So I was checking out a company that sells water pump parts and noticed the impeller was different on the civilian 6.2L than the 6.5L, the 6.5L was slightly larger in dia. and the "fins" were laid out a...
  18. Mogman


    OK so I bought a HMMWV and I have turned in the EUC and Hold harmless affidavit, but the sale says "release date 4/9/2020", this was payment date,,, am I wrong or does that mean I can pick it up?
  19. Mogman

    Fuel pump rod busted...

    So I am replacing the leaking fuel pump today, was hoping for a shortcut like the gasser gm engines but apparently no such luck, so after using my head to break the fall of the fuel pump rod on its way to the floor I noticed the rod looked rough as in broken on one end, managed to coax the other...
  20. Mogman

    S-788 shelter info needed

    I need info on the mounting of the S-788 shelter, on the download page there are several available for the S-250 but no downloadable files for the S-788. I have some pretty clear photos of the rear mounting using the air lift bumper, and they are substantial but nothing about the forward mounts...
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