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  1. K

    M37 passenger door

    Its been awhile but I remember Midwest Military and Vintage power wagon both had them at one time.
  2. K

    Vehicle hunt..

    I have a 71 Deuce that has been completely gone through including insulated cab and new paint on top of a list of new stuff as long as my arm, and I do have receipts for everything. Karl
  3. K

    Anybody been to the WWII Museum in New Orleans?

    I spent an entire day there and it still wasnt enough, it pretty amazing what all they have in there and 100% worth going!
  4. K

    What engines will fit in an M37?

    Should be able to find a 230 pretty darned common engine. I have seen just about any and every kind of engine that has been put into an M37. I even believe that Vintage Power wagon has an adapter kit you can buy to replace the 230 with a 318.
  5. K

    Looking for some m37 parts

    Midwest Military, Vintage Power Wagon and for the top New Life Canvas
  6. K

    Getting started from scratch with a Deuce in 2024?

    Kurtomatic the bottom line here is what are you going to want to use the truck for into the future? If this is something that youe have ideas of a long distance traveler/camper then I would stay away from the Deuce, the reality is that its an old truck and those are the issues your going to...
  7. K

    Hi. Another new member, wanting to say hello...:)

    Welcome to the madness Jay! You are correct the M54 is an old timer with a multi fuel engine and you are always going to wanting more power! If I may make a suggestion that will guaranteed to save you money in the long run and because of a number of reasons primarily I would hate to see you...
  8. K

    Radiator won't take fluid

    It sure sounds like you have an air block very likely in the radiator itself. This is what I would try, open the drain valve on the bottom of the radiator and start filling, are you getting coolant out of the drain valve? If so OK you getting coolant that far. Then I would start loosening...
  9. K

    Mobile Shelter Info Needed

    I had an S280 shelter from this same mfg and found it to be very well build and well put together. The main things on any shelter is look at the roof and inside for signs of leaking water that can do some damage but this shelter is new enough I doubt your going to have any of those issues...
  10. K

    DMV registered farm vehicle? unregistered farm vehicle??

    In ND I register all my trucks as FARM VEHICLES and it gets me much cheaper registration and licensing rates but the truck has to be of a certain GVW and the limitations on the truck is that you cannot drive it further than 400 miles from your farm and I believe that it. It looks like you made...
  11. K

    Getting started from scratch with a Deuce in 2024?

    All very good advice for somebody looking for their first MV and a Deuce is an excellent place to start. They are not nearly as big or as intimidating as the 5 ton, they are a fair bit simpler to work on and understand the concepts behind the truck. They get darned near twice the mileage as a...
  12. K

    How to lock up / secure a M35 A3 ?

    I generally pull a battery cable on my trucks when I have to park them outside in the public!
  13. K

    Gasser help

    Your problem is going to have to do with the float or float height. First are you sure the float is floating? If for some reason the float is cracked or has a hole it will sink and the carb will have gas pouring out of it. Second make sure the float is moving on its shaft that it hinges on...
  14. K

    Pickup at North Dakota Agency for Surplus Property

    Karl here and Thanks 98G Where is the transfer case located where it will be picked up at? Is it packed on a standard pallet correctly? What is the weight of the package complete? Where will you be shipping it to, and what unloading facilities are at the destination location? Is the...
  15. K

    Engine idle issues

    If the filters take care of this issue you are good to go, if not then the next step would be the injector on that hole!
  16. K

    Deuce Air System Questions

    I will try to help here as far as I can and trust nothing is for certain! As far as the fastening joints I believe its a 3 part system for nylon lines, one way to make sure is to look at your injection lines just pull one off and see whats there. I do not know about the different sizes of...
  17. K

    I’M BLIND!!

    Try a small squirt of lubricant in the air motor and actuate the wiper with the lever for a few swipes to spread the lube inside the motor and if that doesnt fix it then take the motor off and clean it up or just overhaul it or just replace it with a NOS one. If your really willing to get crazy...
  18. K

    Rebuilding Troop seats

    I have rebuilt 2 troop seat complete assemblies and yep its a bit of time and if you use the white oak its very expensive I used red oak on my first set and pine on my second set. Taking all the steel off and cleaning it up is all straight forward along with the painting of it. Then get all...
  19. K

    Winch Weirdness

    Along with the above suggestions I would also check my connections on the PTO sensor to see if its dirty, sticky etc. I am assuming you have the TMs for this truck, if you dont you should, but all of these trucks with hydraulic winches have a minimum engine speed to be running to operate the...
  20. K

    S280 on a M1078.. Need ideas for lifting it off.

    Dont let the 280 drop at all unless you have some tires or something to soften the shock or you will damage it, they are a very well built shelter but do something to them that they werent designed to handle and you will have problems! I always used chains on the top corners and a payloader...
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