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  1. G744

    Serial Number/Unit Markings for a 1953 Manufacturered Truck

    My '53 M37 had/has 201011834 hood/bumper and 80258522 VIN. The '67 M54A1 has something I don't remember for hood #'s, have to go look. Was ex-1A1AD 5HQ unit marking in Desert Storm.
  2. G744

    Serial Number/Unit Markings for a 1953 Manufacturered Truck

    Frame VIN and hood/bumper numbers just never did match. If another org or unit got trucks, they could easily change the latter to suit, i.e. USA to USMC. The VIN and dash dataplate should always match, unless a bit of skulduggery occurred when trying to 'graft' a title on the truck after...
  3. G744

    Tire fail-- typical kind??

    That is typical with SS tires. Very little time between hissing and total failure at any speed. The nice thing is every time it happened to me, the truck handled it without too much puckering of the seat cover...
  4. G744

    Load Bank

    Perhaps the value is in filling a contract for Patriot Missile System parts going to the Ukraine?
  5. G744

    I got a stupid question

    Best not to just 'blow' the old fluid out with air. Run enough denatured alcohol thru it first and let that remove any residue & water, Highly recommended to get a pressure bleeder unit and use it, makes the job so much easier. It will have a large reservoir for the fluid of your choice, and...
  6. G744

    New Member, My First M35A2

  7. G744

    New Member, My First M35A2

    As far a function goes, I don't think it really matters. It is about the optics & purists. If you decide to go to singles, you'll have to flip the rear hubs to bring the stud flange out. It is a simple operation, just a lot of effort to pull the axles shafts, the hubs & drums, then swap the...
  8. G744

    New Member, My First M35A2

    You can run up to 12.00-20 tires without any problems. 11.00's are far easier to source, and help in 3 ways: 1...Better top speed. 2...Better off-road performance, like bigger shop casters don't find every crack in the floor. 3...Less noise in the cab at speed. Don't forget, the M34 deuce...
  9. G744

    Rate this front bumper modification...

    I've found radials take a 'set', directional-wise when new, and usually don't last too long when in reversed rotation. Used tires are always a crapshoot, and I run them in all positions and hope to get my monies' worth. I usually do, as most of my tire failures are from foreign objects, and...
  10. G744

    Wiring Harness Question

    Very nice, thanks for publishing that.
  11. G744

    M109a3/a2/a4 window blind/blackout shade

    I will be scrapping out an irreparably damaged M109 van body, please let me know what I should save before hauling it off to the scrap buyer. Will ship the smaller pieces from home here in AZ.
  12. G744

    MEP803 120/208 Volts 3 Phase VS MEP804 240/416 Volts 3 Phase

    Don't forget to turn up the regulator voltage until you get 277/480. 240/416 is an archaic spec, mainly set up for 240 Delta needs. Motors don't like undervoltage conditions, as they consume kW irrespective of E/I availability. In other words, if the E is low, the I will be higher and can...
  13. G744

    New to the stable. M-54 gasser

    The 5-ton gassers were not short on horsepower. One of our club members had one and it could keep up with everything but a Mutt... Even if he did get 3 MPG.
  14. G744

    What's that odd light

    US military blackout lighting systems were engineered for use in night combat convoy ops. The BO drive headlamp was always on the driver's side, and painted a small light pattern so the driver could see the road edge, and blackout markers were on each corner, front and rear. The rear...
  15. G744

    Air Pack bypass

    They were engineered into the brake system to ensure proper operation under any conditions. Removal would make an accident more likely to occur, especially in today's traffic. If you don't want to or can't repair everything in the G742 series (or any tactical vehicle, for that matter) trucks...
  16. G744

    Electrical system

    A special nut is made for joining two pieces of 'ready-rod' or 'all-thread' in 5/16NC or 3/8NC thread. Maybe use one of those, with the high current lugs on the first thread, and the others under a short cap screw.
  17. G744

    MACK F900 US Army?

    Marvin was some cool guy, had his giant shop there in Tacna, and an auto parts store in Yuma.
  18. G744

    MACK F900 US Army?

    I know that truck. It was designed to pull the tactical vehicle dynamometer trailer to different testing location on the million square mile Yuma Proving Grounds. t was sold thru DRMO years ago, and Marvin Tipton in Tacna, AZ bought it. When he passed, I don't know where it wound up.
  19. G744

    Twin Turbo V12 M998

    My mom was born in Germany, so I have a bit of Benz blood. I still drive their cars today, tho nothing that modern.
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