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  1. SCM35A2

    New LMTV owner

    Welcome to the site.
  2. SCM35A2

    Questions, Seat, Antenna, Fuel Gauge, more.

    Welcome to the site!
  3. SCM35A2

    New Member, My First M35A2

    Welcome to the site, good looking truck!
  4. SCM35A2

    New to the stable. M-54 gasser

    Good looking truck!
  5. SCM35A2

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2024 - April VOTE HERE!

    Last set.... She's not perfect for sure lol, but this was my first truck so I wanted to go "old school" plus its the type of truck my dad worked on & drove while he was in Vietnam. Good luck to everyone this month...Donny
  6. SCM35A2

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2024 - April VOTE HERE!

    More pics, progress...
  7. SCM35A2

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2024 - April VOTE HERE!

    Here is my 1964 M35 A1/A2 w/winch truck, was converted over to an M2 model/multi-fuel in the late 80’s. I have owned the truck now for 5 years. The truck was in decent condition when I got her, so I started with the mechanical stuff to get her road ready. I pulled off all the wheels, removed 40...
  8. SCM35A2

    So I was just looking for a Chevy Pickup...

    Welcome to the site, nice project!
  9. SCM35A2

    New Here! Bear with me....

    Welcome to the site!
  10. SCM35A2

    New member from Australia

    Welcome to the site!
  11. SCM35A2

    2007 M1097R1 Project - New member introduction

    Welcome to the site!
  12. SCM35A2

    Hello from AK!

    Welcome to the site!
  13. SCM35A2

    New to this M1009

    Welcome to the site, good looking truck!
  14. SCM35A2

    MV of the month April 2024

    I'll jump in, here is my 1964 M35A2
  15. SCM35A2

    Denton, NC, April 2024

    Nice, should be able to make it this year!
  16. SCM35A2

    First Dodge truck - 1962 M43B1 Ambulance

    Great looking truck!
  17. SCM35A2

    New from NY

    Welcome to the site!
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