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    Twin Turbo V12 M998

    Speechless over here. Wow.
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    Possible theft of WC63

    You’re coming here instead of working with law enforcement and/or insurance? :unsure: The police— or even a private entity such as the insurance company fraud unit or a PI— can find the info on one of many databases such as Clear or Accurint. Those are the two I used when I was a fed. The long...
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    How to find the Unit where my CUCV M1009 was originally or last assigned?

    Do you have the registration number? Any bumper markings remaining or hidden under paint?
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    New Member. Howdy.

    Welcome to SS! I’m located at the Chittenden/Addison county line.
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    Ever find anything interesting hiding in your CUCV?

    HHC 1/181Infantry, MA Army National Guard, circa 1998…had the very last of the unit’s stakeback/troop seated M1008s heading to auction. Heading back from the DRMO yard (saved the best ones for last!) and I tilted the seat forward to find a bunch of new in the bag ECWCS parkas and some MREs. LT...
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    Cool Old Ford

    So absolutely hideously ugly that I’m completely head over heels in love with it!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Irish Spring soap (Rodent Deterrent)

    This whole thread will probably be like this, back and forth with pros and cons, so here’s my input… …I’ve loaded vehicles with different brands of dryer sheets and the mice have taken the sheets and loved them so much that they made nests with them.
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    What is this? And what was it designed to haul?

    Definitely similar to trailers shown here.
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    Restoration and repair literature for Chevrolet K5 Blazer (M1009)

    Look for an old Chilton or Hayne’s manual, probably on eBay or a used book store. Libraries may have them as well.
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    Chicken shield height?

    The lower shape and “notching” make it so the shield doesn’t knock into anything else on the vehicle while traversing.
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    1984 M1009 cucv

    I wouldn’t muddy the waters by getting into any further detail beyond “it’s a 1984 K5 Blazer, J code diesel”. That’s all a competent parts counter person needs to hear to help you. I’ve sent my wife to get parts on more than one occasion and that works for her. Starting down the path of...
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    tank vs ifv, what are the pros and cons of both?

    Operationally as intended, or owning for a hobby? In a combat theater, each has its own function and the two are vastly different. For the hobbyist, unless you possess the tools, knowledge, time, money, and space, an IFV is almost certainly a better choice than a tank. Transport logistics...
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    Tire chains?

    Another successful driveway plowing; thought I’d share a shot of the chains I’m using;
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    Tire chains?

    I have the first type for my M1009– never been stuck, what more can I say! Total and complete confidence when driving with them. But the experience itself, along with knowing how/when to adjust chains, have a learning curve.
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    Will a Motorola MT1000 Communicate with the RT-524?

    I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible. I have firsthand experience with this exact situation. Quick answer: In this application, the MT1000 is best suited for experimenting only. It will work, some of the time, at very close distances. It should never be relied upon for two way...
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    HMMWV chariot kit?

    It’s actually known as the Troop Transport option; I’ve encountered them OCONUS on an unusual assignment. Would be interesting to see what the bumper markings are on such a beast.
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    saving military communications gear at hamfests

    As a lifelong amateur radio operator and general “nerd”, a major problem, if not the problem with this niche of collecting, is the non-radio military personnel realizing what they have. 2005 was perhaps the height of the War on Terror and some posts were doing all they could to repurpose...
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    BRDM-2 street legal.

    The translation of the BRDM acronym results in something like “wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicle”. In my many years of being familiar with Warsaw Bloc vehicles, and particularly with the BRDM2, I’ve never heard of it referred to as a tank. A quick check online shows a generally-accepted...
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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by hawkerbattery.com

    Please count me in! A big “thank you” to the folks at Hawker for making this happen!
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    M1008 Snow Plow Set Up

    I have a belt-driven Fisher Speedcast on my M1009. No need for any changes to the electrical system! Here in the northeast these systems are very easy to come by and are sitting unused but serviceable in many a place. Here’s the ol’ gal in action.
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