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    MK31 Suspension

    Acquired them out of another mk31 that was junk. You can call Oshkosh and order them but be ready to get your wallet out. It was also a out an 18 month lead time to get a new one
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    MK31 Suspension

    Yes we did. It did not have the brain box in there for the suspension. We had to acquire both and then it started working properly
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    MK31 Suspension

    We acquired it through the DLA program down in Albany Georgia for our fire department to pull a water tanker
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    MK31 Suspension

    Has anyone on here ran across or know anything about the MK31 hydraulic suspension and could steer me in the right direction? We acquired one and it will not do anything whatsoever when you hit the manual or auto suspension setting or the up/down switch. PTO is spinning but nothing will...
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    HMMWV Heater Fan Switch

    Does anyone know where to get or have a spare blower switch laying around they would be willing to part with? Mine is shot and I am having a hard time trying to find one.
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    mep 806b shuts down!

    I dont believe they did. I was not satisfied with this shop, so the pump is coming back to me and I called another shop listed on Stanadyne's website. Gave them a call and they actually have two of these generators sitting at their building right now. The pump is going to them to be looked at...
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    mep 806b shuts down!

    Yes I checked everything that the manual specified to check and have proper voltage going everywhere after finding a loose wire. We were then able to here the MP start clicking. After that occurred, fuel started coming up through the housing where 2 wires come out of the top of the injection...
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    mep 806b shuts down!

    Fuel is not getting through the pump. Took it to a stanadyne repair shop, they claim it got water in the pump and they cannot get all the parts to repair it. I dont know if that really is true since this pump is still being used and built. Either way they basically said I was down to getting...
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    mep 806b shuts down!

    Not to hijack anyones thread, but does anyone have an injection pump for the 806B they would be willing to part with. We just acquired one and the injection pump is shot. Deere can get one but just looking to see if anyone has one cheaper.
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    MKT Power cords

    I might be asking or posting in the wrong place (sorry first post ever). My fire department recently aquired an mkt and it has everything inside except the 4 branch and 2 branch cables to hook up the mbu's. Does anyone know where to acquires some or have some made that will work. We do have...
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