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  1. tjair99

    95 m1078 starting issue

    So did a cab swap on my 95 1078 with 3116 cat and now it won’t start from the cab have went through the relays all seems to be working correctly except not getting a signal to the aux relay on the frame rail truck will start and run correctly if I start it from the frame relay the wiring was...
  2. tjair99

    !CLOSED! Cab Mount Group Buy. NEW OEM FMTV LMTV M1078, M1079, etc

    Just seen this and just did a cab swap would you happen to have any more of theses left thank u
  3. tjair99

    torque converter question

    Will try to recalibrate the tps today I’ve adjusted the throttle Down to the point that I believe it’s to low hand throttle I’ve adjusted it just seems like something isn’t tell it hey we’re stopped lol and I’ll see if I can find how to test the tps in the tm thank you for your reply
  4. tjair99

    torque converter question

    It does do that but it’s like if I’m sitting at a stop light it wants to kinda keep going brakes will hold it but if you let off it will start moving idk just seems odd in the semis I’ve driving with automatics in them they seem to disengage at stop then when you give it fuel it goes
  5. tjair99

    torque converter question

    trying to figure out why my truck (m1078 a0 95) model when I come to a stop it seems like the torque converter isn't disengaging have checked throttle adjustment cable freeness tps adjustment with no change there's no codes on the transmission so I'm trying to figure out the I'm missing or need...
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