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  1. tstone

    Door, Portable Walk In Refrigerator

    Need replacement door assembly for the : Model REF 150 Portable Walk In 150 cu ft NSN 410-269-3914 Don't have the NSN for the door yet but will post ASAP along with pics. Thanks
  2. tstone

    BBQ and Military Vehicles

    Guys, our church is sponsoring a thank you BBQ in Sykesville, MD for all Veterans, Active Duty Military and First Responders. The event will be located at Piney Run Park in Sykesville, MD, Pavilion 6, July 28, 2018 @ 4:00 PM. We will have good food and company. All military vehicles are welcome...
  3. tstone

    Vietnam 50th Anniversary Event, 18-19 June 2016

    There is an event being planned for the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. Please check out the 2 links below for more info. The event will be held at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Timonium MD the weekend of June 18 and 19. I spoke with one of the administrators last week and she was very...
  4. tstone

    M-80, liquid Fuel, Water Heater

    I picked up an M-80 liquid fuel water heater and wanted to use it for a missions event this Spring. I couldn't find any posts about this unit on SS but found some info and a TM by doing a Google search. Anyone have any history with these units? It seems pretty simple to use as it is basically...
  5. tstone

    MBU Service and Repairs

    I've had trouble with several of my MBU's (Modern Burner Units) shutting down after about 40 minutes of operation. When the failure occurs the trouble code on the display reads ER01 (Error 01) which indicates "Flame Out". I pulled the flame sensor to test it and get no voltage out of it or any...
  6. tstone

    Westminster, MD VJ Parade August 14,2015

    To honor the 44 WWII veterans who live at Carroll Lutheran Village (a retirement community) a small parade and ceremony has been organized by a friend of mine Craig Singhaus on Aug 14. He is looking for re-enactors and military vehicles to parade around the circuit road within the community to...
  7. tstone

    H 140 heater, remote control not working

    I have 2, H 140 (140,000BTU) heaters, they work really well but both remote control units do not power up or in any way operate the heater. There is a 24v power lamp on the R. C. which does not light up when properly connected to the heater. Inside the heater control panel is a contactor which I...
  8. tstone

    Identify This Trailer?

    Anyone recognize this mobile kitchen type trailer? It appears to be a Soviet Block unit as everything on the data tag is spelled in syllables. It looks like there are 2 gas burners set in the body for the heat source. I have a chance on acquiring it but I don't know anything about it or what it...
  9. tstone

    Veterans Need Help With Transportation

    Hey guys, for the last several years I have had the honor to drive Veterans in my Deuce in our local Memorial Day parade in Westminster, MD. Up until today, I was planning to again serve our veterans by driving them in our parade, unfortunately, I won't have the repairs completed that are...
  10. tstone

    M140 heater, fuel filter

    Picked up a M140 heater with all fluids drained including the removal of the fuel filter. The TM identifies the part but I wasn't able to find an NSN or a manufacturers' number. Anyone know what a commercial or military part number is for the replacement filter? Thanks, Tom
  11. tstone

    Event In Baltimore County, MD

    There is a great event that I have been attending in Arcadia, MD since 1974, it is the Arcadia Steam and Gas Engine Show. It really does not have a focus on MV's but they have an antique truck and vehicle display area, including a parade of these vehicles on the Saturday of the event. Each entry...
  12. tstone

    M931A2 No Start

    Just won up a M931A2 at Meade last week and went down on Friday to check it out and try to start it without success. Good batteries, tank selector on proper tank, solenoid working correctly, emergency manual shutdown in "normal" position and not interfering with solenoid, fuel in tank, drained...
  13. tstone

    24 VDC, 150 Amp Gen Set

    Picked up 2 DC 4.2 - ORD/28 gas 4 cylinder gen sets 2 weeks ago. I bought them to provide 24v power for charging batteries in the field and operating pumps etc.The crew that drained the oil and gas disposed of the glass water separator bowl and the oil filters. I found that 1 of the 2 sets had a...
  14. tstone

    Low Oil Pressure

    Anyone have any experience in adjusting oil flow-pressure? My M35 apparently has long term wear on the bearings; when the engine starts up I get about 35 lbs. at idle, after running for about 15 minutes it drops off to 3-5 lbs. at idle, this is all indicated on a mechanical gage. I get about 12...
  15. tstone

    M816 Wrecker clutch issues

    I've got a clutch issue with my 5 ton truck. My truck will move in 1st or 2nd gear about 15 feet then it will stop moving as the clutch petal appears to "depress" and no power is transfered to the transmission. I greased the throw out bearing, transmission shaft (to lube the throw out bearing...
  16. tstone

    Memorial Weekend Event, Westminster, MD

    Our local American Legion, Post # 31 is sponsering a weekend long event in Westminster, MD to include military vehicle displays, reinactors, etc. A friend of mine, Craig Singhaus, sent me the details and contact info (attached) about the event. He invited the MVPA and asked if I would forward on...
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