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  1. Suprman

    M1084 at Ft Drum

    Hi anyone interested in towbar-ing out a M1084 from Ft Drum and stashing it till I can find it a ride to CT? All 6 tires are inflated in the pics. Non euc truck so its ready to go. Thanks Will
  2. Suprman

    MEP-803a injection pump question

    On a MEP-803a I have, the injections pump fueling control arms that have the pins that sit in the fuel rack are very tight. So tight that the rack spring cant move them all the way to run position. Most small injection pumps I have seen they are loose to the point where you can shake the ip and...
  3. Suprman

    CT LMTV door parts lock blocks mechanism handles window crank ctis programming trans ecu + more

    Made a new site Lots of lmtv stuff in one thread. MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PARTS LISTED. Door parts: Lock blocks and lock mechanisms with rod clips as pictured. Left or right side. 40 dollars each. I have the screws that hold them together 2 dollars each. Inside door...
  4. Suprman

    LMTV transmission separating trans from transfer case

    Hi anyone ever separated the trans/transfer. I looked in the manuals and removed the bolts between the two. The transfer case is on there pretty good. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks Will
  5. Suprman

    Hydraulic control assistance

    I have a bank of hyd controls. One control does not function. The arm moves like the others but does not have the same feel as the others in operation. The other controls that work you can feel the hyd flow as you are operating them. When you operate a working control the arm on the non working...
  6. Suprman

    MEP-007a oil filters

    New to me, never had one before 007a. I thought the oil filters were the same as the 006a they seem to fit in the canister but the o rings are too small to seal the canisters to the housings. The fuel filters look like the standard older mil gen ones like the m35 uses. Anyone with any experience...
  7. Suprman

    LMTV fuel tank with mount straps

    Lmtv fuel tank with mounting. 450 plus the freight or you can pick it up. Best contact will atpawnking dotcom
  8. Suprman

    WhiteHall Ohio M1078 towbar out and stash

    I have a M1078 in Whitehall Ohio. Non runner, driveshafts are already removed. Looking for someone who can towbar it out and stash it till Wes can get there and pick it up. Not looking for a freebie I will pay you. will atpawnking dotcom
  9. Suprman

    Las Vegas GP pickup

    I have a bunch of small things at GP LV. Need them picked up and combined and dropped off at ups freight. My usual guy is out of commission for a few weeks. I tried all the UPS stores around there none of them deal with freight. Not looking for a freebie I will pay for the service. Thanks Will
  10. Suprman

    R22 air conditioner refrigerant options

    Have a few r22 air conditioners. I have seen a few different "drop in" replacements advertised. Saw some say you can use r407c. Not my area of expertise. Any recommendations? Will
  11. Suprman

    PA tp CT run generators & air conditioners

    Have a load from Pa to CT I need picked up late this week or early next. 2 crates at the main warehouse and 2 30kws, 2 5kws and 2 air conditioners at Jays lot down the street. Around 24 feet of trailer space usually works. If anyone is interested let me know. Best contact will atpawnking dotcom...
  12. Suprman

    MEP 806/816 fuel system questions

    I have a mep 816. Runs fine makes power. The pickup tube was loose when I got it. It’s a very long tube for the tank size. It seems too long to fit. Is there some magic trick I am missing? And the start switch has aux prime and prime. Aux prime runs the only electric pump that I see in the gen...
  13. Suprman

    Albany GA pickup small item battery charger on a handtruck

    Hi I have a battery charger on a hand truck at Albany. Looking for someone to pickup and stash for now. Thanks Will will atpawnking dotcom
  14. Suprman

    M1084 crane hydraulic troubleshooting

    Been working on my m1084. I can lower the outriggers and the safety sensors release the upper control bank. Then I have rotation control, cable in and out and very slow boom out. The boom comes in normal though. I don’t have any boom up function. Mast up and down is on the lower bank and that...
  15. Suprman

    On site gas POGS-10 field oxygen concentrator

    Have one of these pogs 10 concentrators. 15 hours on it, looks like new, marked as serviceable. Turns on starts to run but then trips it breaker. Called on site gas. They sent me the manual it’s very simple didn’t give me any insight. Anyone have any experience with these?
  16. Suprman

    Anyone going to Chambersburg PA? Box of small bracket for pickup

    Have a box of brackets at GP Chambersburg warehouse. Anyone headed that way soon? Thanks Will will atpawnking dotcom
  17. Suprman

    M923A2 @ FT Meade MD pickup & hold

    Have a m923a2 at Ft Meade. My regular hauler is away for a few weeks. Would like to get it off base. Looks like it was driven to where it sits. Brakes are not caged. But is a non runner and is stripped down to lower the height. So prob some water in the intake cant try to start it till its...
  18. Suprman

    LMTV FMTV replacement or upgrade air dryers

    I get several pms every week from members looking for the upgraded lmtv air dryers. I DONT HAVE ANY MORE. Have not had them for some time. The air dryer you want is the Haldex purest type. The civilian model works fine it just has a 12v heater and the lmtv uses a 24v heater. It’s 3 screws on the...
  19. Suprman

    MEP-803a expansion/freeze plug leak

    Have an 803a. One expansion plug is leaking. Was hoping someone had at least the hole measurement so I can get a replacement plug for it. Anyone replace one yet? TM part number is for a complete kit. Was hoping to get the one single piece. Thanks Will
  20. Suprman

    air drop bumper pintle extension trailer receptacle

    Have this air drop setup on a truck that I bought. Thinking about swapping the bumper and Rhino carrier over to my truck. The trailer harness on the truck dosnt reach the new mounting location. If I dont want to use the pintle extension, I have seen a flat plate with the pintle on the airdrop...
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