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    M51A2 lost power steering

    Ok. I have a 1952 Mack M51A2. Has the LDS-465-1A engine. Steering box on the frame says Hydrapower. Was driving last week, and was fine for several miles. Went around a roundabout, straightened up, seemed normal. Then noticed that steering was a little sloppy, started noticing that...
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    Vehicle markings

    I'm having trouble finding the specs for painting on the hood and door markings fo my m51. I'd have sworn I've seen it before. Even had a picture referencing where to measure from and letter sizes. Can't find it now. Here's the style I'm trying to emulate.
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    M51A2 dump bed install questions

    When i got my truck (1952 Mack M51A2) the bed had been removed by the fire department that had it so that a tank could be installed. I have since gotten a correct bed and have been working on getting it installed on the truck. While attempting to install the taillights to the correct...
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    Transport dump bed VA to KS

    Found a possible replacement bed for my M51A2. I'm trying to get an estimate on shipping it from VA to S.E. KS to see if it is even a feasible idea. Thanks.
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    M135 frame width

    Does anyone know what the frame width of a m135 is?
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    M51A2 won't shut down

    Just got my 1952 Mack M51A2 home this week. After new batteries she starts and runs. But when I pull the engine stop knob out it keeps running. Being new to this I don't know what "normal" is as far as how it should feel or how far it should move. The first picture shows the engine stop out...
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    New guy from KS with 1952 Mack M51A2

    Well, sorta. I have been on here off and on for a while researching and trying to learn. Thank you all for all of the information thus far and for all I hope to learn in the future. So anyways, I finally pulled the trigger on a truck. Won the auction today. Hopefully pick up next week...
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