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    M1101/1102 top bow plates (there are 3 of them)

    Looking for the top bow plates, technically I only need the back 2, already have the front one. 12470991-1 and 12470992-1 Or 12470991-2 and 12470992-2
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    Top 3 plates, on top of bows, m1102

    Working on getting a canopy for my 1102. So, I have the bows, brackets, nice tarp and even one (the front) of the 3 plates. My question is, were the plates added later.? The bows I got on a kit off another trailer, are not drilled for them... I did end up finding the front one on auction site...
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    M103A3 power plant replacement lens

    Are these standard lenses? They look different than my Hmmwv ones.... Would anyone have a source for the lens? (Body is Metal)
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    Isuzu powered Drash 5 pin connectors

    Does anyone know where to find both M and F version? Or perhaps the model number of the connectors?
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    Source for #10-32 x 1/2 SS flange heads?

    Does anyone have a source for these? (outside sheet-metal MEP802/803 I believe and more) Amazon has some but they are serrated and not exactly cheap... ( They also have the correct ones, but in packages of 2 or 3,000...
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    Towing Drash Trailer home

    So I won a trailer, this time a DHS DRASH unit (8340014594352), trailer appears to be made in 2007 by NorthEast Fabricators, Walton New York. By the way, any idea where I can find a TM for the trailer and/or Isuzu generator set? Anyhow, yard is about 100 miles away, and I was going to drive...
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    Part Source for newly adopted 803A?

    I picked up my second MEP803A this weekend. Unlike my first one, which was a Mint reset, this one is missing some bits, like a Fuel cut off solenoid and a Starter relay (the 1st one/spendy one). Does anyone have a cheaper source for parts on these, besides Greenmountain? Fuel return lines were...
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    Lights not working...

    So my latest acquisition is an 1123 that needs a bunch of TLC. So to address the no lights issue, I went looking for 15a in the back of the MLS three lever plug. I was actually confused for a minute, since I couldn't find it. Went around the plug several times, no 15a. So looked up manual, says...
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    Trailering home MEP-803A, what kind of trailer should I use?

    I have been reading posts up and down, trying to get acquainted with what generator unit would fit my needs. I believe one or 2 (long-term) 803As would work well. My question was as far as picking one up from GP. As far as trailers, I have the option of my small 4x8 utility trailer which does...
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    3 point seat belt install on support B pillar

    Could some one please measure and tell me the height of the hole needed for seat belt D ring on B pillar of a turret support?
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    A2 Black bearing lightweight turret seals..

    So I am in the process of assembling/mounting an A2 style lightweight turret, with Black bearing. The Parts TM calls for 2 rubber seals to be used. One above and one below the turret bearing. I figured out how to fit the top seal (slides right into groove on top of bearing). Where does the...
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    Back of fording switch

    So my 1123 came with fording tubing kindly disconnected by, I assume, the demil dept. Everything is there, tubing is just laying loose. How do you get to the back of the fording switch? I can't seem to get a look at it from either engine or cab side? Does the fuel filter need to come off to get...
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    A2 frame under M1123?

    Does my M1123 have an A2 frame? How can I tell? I was looking at the predator hitches, and you have to pick the type of frame you have...
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    Door striker

    What type of door striker is this?
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    Different turrets

    So in would like to add a turret to my steel roof. It came from a GMV truck. Is there a guide to the different Hmmwv turrets? I see references to old, vs new. Light vs heavy...are parts interchangeable? What would be the best place to get a list of the parts I need? I see various kits for...
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    Soften M1123 suspension

    How can you improve the ride on the M1123? It's got the 3000lbs, springs correct? Can you put softer springs in, like the 1250lbs ones? Or even the 954lbs ones? Would spacers be needed to maintain ride height? Can anyone please point me in the right direction? My google-fu is letting me down...
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    Repairing Helmet Top

    Just acquired a Helmet Top locally for a really good price that needs some love and glass work. As good as I am with mechanical items, I am no body man. Looking forward to learn some new skills though. One of the B pillar covers needs to be glassed back on, and a couple of cracks fixed...
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    New Member from Port Angeles, WA

    Hello, I am live in Port Angeles, and recently purchased a refurb M1123 from GP, might get it by Xmas if it all goes good. Hoping it lives up to the pics, which look nice, but you never know. I have built many 4 wheeling rigs and off road bikes over the years, this is my 1st Hmmwv. Just...
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