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    5ton dump truck - mud flaps

    These are the flaps on a 929 bed that I have. They have a hook to hold the bottom of the flap up.
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    Diesel color

    I don't think I would panic, if I were you, but I probably wouldn't run any more of it through my truck.
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    Dump truck fording

    Seems a shame. I just need the dump parts out of it.
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    Hello from MO

    Welcome from next door in southeast Kansas.
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    5ton multi fuel power steering pump

    Awesome. Glad to hear that.
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    5ton multi fuel power steering pump

    I had to replace the shaft in mine earlier this year, but I don't remember having any issues like you describe. Where does it seem to be binding? At the bolts, like they aren't aligned? Could be paint too thick in the bolt holes making it tough to keep the bolts in line.
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    Many M816 Questions

    Those "things" are axle clamps for the tow bar. They wrap around the axle and the tow bar attaches to them.
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    11 gallons of oil?

    Did the oil seem thin or smell like diesel? Assuming that it wasn't just overfilled, the injectors could be leaking fuel into the cylinders. This can cause the cylinder walls/rings to get washed down. The lack of oil would then lead to piston/cylinders wear. Also, the diesel will thin out...
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    Manual transmission swap in m135 At one point, I was looking at doing a similar build to what you are. I found the gear vendor's unit that looked promising, but never got much farther on the concept. They claim to be good for up to 2000 hp engines and for 25,000 pound rvs. Would need...
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    Manual transmission swap in m135

    I assume that you are planning on putting the 205 t-case or auxiliary gearbox/brownie box between the new transmission and the original transfer case?
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    Many M816 Questions

    The 816 falls under the 809 series of trucks.
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    Many M816 Questions

    I believe that the sprag is actually comprised of 2 one way clutches and is air operated. When you shift in to a forward gear it slides to the one clutch, when you shift to reverse, it shift's to the other. Should hear a clunk when doing so. If the sprag has failed, it won't engage the front...
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    Burying a fuel tank>%20Fuel%20Caddies&utm_campaign=Roughneck&utm_content=63495&gclsrc=aw.ds&&ds_e_ad_type=pla_with_promotion&gclid=Cj0KCQjwufn8BRCwARIsAKzP697VXS...
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    Many M816 Questions

    Welcome to the site. I'm sure others will chime in with better answer's soon, but I think there is a governor to keep the rpms down some when running the wrecker part. I believe there is a lever of some sort in the wrecker controls that must be disengaged to go back to normal. And the...
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    Burying a fuel tank

    Dog house. Just a fake shell. Could be built around a in-bed type transfer tank or a 55 gallon drum on its side. Hinge the top, and/or end, for access. Would look normal/decorative to match the house.
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    Strange road speed-related air puffing sound

    You might try spraying it down with soapy water to locate the leak. If there's a leak, it should still give some indication, even if you can't hear it leaking. Slow leak usually gives more of a foam vs. bubbles. I'm not very fluent in CTIS, but might check at the bearings also. Depending...
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    M51 removing brake drum

    The M51 falls under the M39 series of trucks.
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    M817 5 ton Dump, front axle Questions

    Engaging in one direction and not the other sounds like the one way sprag clutch could be damaged. I would check your air lines going to the transfer case for leaks. I had one split there before.
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    M51A2 fuel issues
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