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    NE huge lot of MG mounts and components for sale

    Hello all, Pictured below is a lot of MG stuff I have sitting in my shop........ Conservatively, there is north of $20k worth of components for someone who wants to take the time to sell it off piece by piece....... I just want it gone, so I am asking $15k for the lot.......... It consists of...
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    lmtv door rods and actuator question

    Hello all, So I am working on a truck for a buddy that came with totally stripped out doors--- as in nothing at all. I got some of the door parts coming thanks to Supraman, but I still have some things I need to sort out. First off, does anyone have door rods that they can measure and post...
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    interesting CTIS issue

    Hello all, Working on a buddy's lmtv, I came across something I haven't seen before. I have no lights on the ctis controller at all, but it is working perfectly-- it comes online as it should when air pressure builds, and goes through the pressure checks, and will inflate/deflate when various...
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    need 16' bumper pull trailer moved Stanley ND to Norfolk NE

    I recently got a 16' enclosed trailer off govplanet that is located in Stanley ND. It is your typical enclosed bumper pull cargo trailer but with barn doors instead of a ramp. It has a 2 5/16" ball hitch, electric brakes, and according to the company who made them, weighs in under 3k as it sits...
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    handoff jeep top/bows I-29 Omaha NE to St. Joe MO/ hwy36 Hannibal MO: destined OK

    Hello all, I have a gentleman over on the g503 jeep site that wants a set of jeep top bows and a top-- they are located in Norfolk NE and he is in Clayton, OK...... I told him I would put the word out here to see if anyone happens to be going that way. I will be traveling from Omaha NE to...
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    Need an LMTV checked out near Richmond VA

    Hello all, I good friend of mine pulled the trigger on an LMTV from govplanet in Richmond, VA. Based on the description, the trans controller is missing from the dash and possibly there may be other missing components as well. Is there anyone nearby that can put eyes on the truck and see what...
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    running mep-003a on only one fuel pump

    Hello all, So I got to play with my mep-003a generator this evening for several hours as we just had a pretty good electrical storm come through and knock out power. Hooked it up, brought the house online and it ran great for about an hour. Genset shut off, and upon investigating, found the dc...
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    cucv tailgate from CA (LA) to NE or points east

    Hello all, I have an SECM tailgate in Los Angeles, CA that needs to move to Norfolk, Nebraska. I will be travelling to the Aberdeen, Findlay, York (MVPA convention), and Gilbert shows and could grab it there as well.... Alternatively, if someone can get it to say Gimpyrobb's or St. Louis, MO...
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    m915a1 runaway engine

    So here is the background----- This is one of the m915a1s that made multiple cross country treks back in 2010/2011 and ran like a sewing machine during those trips. After its last trek west in 2011, it has not moved from its parking spot but was started occasionally into 2013. It has not been...
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    need pickup of small box at lockbourne OH GL

    I have a box of small parts about the size of a copier paper box that I need to get picked up and get over to Gimpyrobb......... Anyone going to that GL site anytime soon? Z
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    Modding a cucv for storm spotting aka "the hailbuster"

    So this project has been a couple years in the making but its finally all coming together...... This M1009 will be used for storm spotting in my neck of the woods..... Storm spotting, not storm chasing---- they have totally different protocols, and in the case of spotting, does not require a...
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    deuce fuel tank from Granite falls NC to Findlay

    I have an NOS deuce fuel tank sitting with a member down in NC that needs to get to the Findlay show..... Anyone going that route? Thanks Z
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    Need recovery assistance Lawrenceville GA to Duluth GA

    Recovery Completed Hello all, I am in need of some help from a GA member-- My bride to be is currently working on a contract job down in Atlanta and has found us a really nice dining room table. It is located in Lawrenceville and she is staying in Duluth. Is there someone who could help with...
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    Need transport 4 skytracker forklifts from newcastle DE to Lakehurst NJ

    I have four skytracker forklifts sitting down in Newcastle DE that I need to get moved up to Lakehurst NJ in the next 1-2 weeks. Anyone here up to the challenge? If not, for those of you who already moved lifts out of the Newcastle GL lot, what towing companies did you use? Thanks Z
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    Need an item picked up at Nellis AFB Nevada

    Hello All, I have a small lot that needs to be picked up at Nellis AFB Nevada and either moved via the steelsoldiers express or dropped at a fedex or UPS store.... They are heater weldments, each is in a cardboard tube about 5 feet long by about 5 inches in diameter-- I have four total-- they...
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    Empty trailer duluth Georgia to Norfolk nebraska

    I have a 6x12x5 trailer going from duluth Georgia to Norfolk Nebraska. Leaving saturday 6/21 at 10am. Pm for phone number. Z
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    need a pickup of two shoebox size items at gl okc

    Hello all, I have two shoebox sized items at the gl okc warehouse that are at their two weeks tomorrow.... I also have a trailer body that I am waiting for an euc on at the same site--- can someone local to the okc warehouse grab those two items and hold them for a little bit for me-- like I...
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    Need a transmission to go from Granite Falls NC to the Aberdeen or Sussex shows

    Hello all, I have a new transmission in Granite Falls, NC that needs to get to either the Sussex NJ or Aberdeen MD shows--- Is anyone planning to come to either show from the Granite Falls, NC area that could bring it along-- figure about 200-250 pounds and no fluids or grease to worry about...
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    Columbus, OH GL pickup

    Hello all, Is there anyone going to the GL warehouse in Columbus in the next two weeks that can pickup two tents (no poles just the vinyl) and hold them for me until I head back east from NE to NJ this September? Or possibly get them to the Gilbert show? Thanks Ziggy
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    enclosing an M816 operator gondola

    Hello all, Has anyone ever tried to make a hard enclosure for the m816 crane operator cab? Looking at the gondola itself, the ridges and predrilled holes on the upper edge would lead one to think that there may have been a hard enclosure kit available at one time (sort of like whats on the...
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