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    PY0 wheels on a M1008?

    Have seen these several times on SS member rides... I Currently have steel factory wheels that would need media blasted and painted for my "nut and bolt restoration". Dont care about originality as this is a SBC powered, somewhat modified and restored work truck. Running 285 75 16's which are...
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    M1008 Glass run weatherstrip and felts

    Need thoughts, experience or opinions on door glass weather strip and felts. Did google the site, but didn't find anything especially informative! Not doing the vent seals as they are decent. Need the glass runs and the felts. Seeing Soffseal and Fairchild. Soffseal apx 120, fairchild 70ish...
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    Need picture of hood latch cable routing

    Year and a half later I'm finally putting front clip back on the 1008 frame off restoration... And, forgotten how hood release cable routes through radiator support. Somebody take a pic and post?? Thanks, Eric
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    Borgensen steering shaft install questions

    Still in the midst of my frame up resto! Beauty of a frame off restoration is that once the frame and parts are blasted and painted it's really hard to bolt any rusty crap back on the truck! My steering shaft was very ugly, rag joint wasted. Perusing the web, jeep shafts (used were expensive)...
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    m1008 shocks?

    Piecing together the Cucv slowly and now looking at shocks. Truck is stock height. Truck is a work truck, more firewood and plowing than anything else (Well at least when it's put back together!) Previously had Pro comps of some flavor. seemed to be okay, hard to tell as these are sprung so...
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    M1008 Ujoint at wheel, front axle

    Continuing on my down to the frame saga and slowly painting and reassembling! Put the left knuckle and kingpin components in and realized i left the upper kingpin cover/steering arm at work! Oh well, grab the axle and start to slide it in and realize the joint is partially seized. Argh, only...
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    M1028 overload spring questions / issue

    In the middle of a frame off (well, different frame) thrash and finally getting to the point where I've got stuff painted and trying to reassemble! Way back when i parted out a C30 and used the frame perches and overload spring for my 1008. Overload springs were a double setup vs, the normal...
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    Down to the frame she goes!

    Been threatening to strip the 1008 down and rebuild from the ground up, turned out Saturday was the day! Got my three sons to pitch in, started ninesih and finished just prior to dark! Stripped off nose, cab and box. Engine, trans and transfer all out. Waiting for a machine to lift cab off as a...
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    Tire rubbing pitman arms, ideas?

    So, finally, at last, driving the 1008. Prety harsh on GAS (converted) but bought this for a plow truck and heavy hauler... Anyways, had bought Pro Comp 295/75/16's which i put on the stock rims. On full lock right turns the left tire hits the pitman arm. Thinking a little less back space (4"...
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    Word to the wise for vehciles that have been sitting! FIRE!!

    So, almost ready to put my new and improved 1008 on the road. Truck hasn't been driven in probably ten years and was sitting for most of that time. Last snow storm i was repositioning vehicles and leaving them running. CUCV was on choke (6.2 to 350 conv) and went to kick it down. CAB IS FULL OF...
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    CUCV Dash pad paint code

    Had googled this before and found it, but for the life of me i can't find it (again). Had bought a silverado 1T and have "recycled" allot of parts. Am upgrading/installing the silverado interior trim and want to pick up the paint tomorrow! figure i should get all of this stuff done prior to...
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    Looking for gauge wiring diagram for 82 chevy 1 ton C30

    So, my 1008 work truck project has received a parts boost. Bought a 82 Silverado C30 camper special for parts. In the midst of installing the gauge package but need to compare a civvy wiring diagram to the CUCV diagram (already have!) Would have liked to install the tachometer package, but a...
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    SBC conversion and other issues

    So, below are issues i'm starting to work through..... Steering: Hydroboost was laying in bed of vehicle for apx 5 years. Power steering pump that came with vehicle has old style flare seat, vs. oring stle fitting. Already bought the correct hose for a non-hydro system. guessing i need a mid...
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    New CUCV owner, several questions: 1st is trailer hitch

    So, after retireing from the military, getting married, selling my house, and now starting on the next house i decided it was time for another 4x4/plow truck. Currently have a 82 2x 1 ton dually (which i converted from a blown 6.2 to a SBC years ago) Have had this vehicle almost 15 years and...
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