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    need hemtt Detroit Diesel 8v92ta mechanic near Sacramento

    Read through this whole thing this morning, super impressive!! Great job getting it going and it sounds great Ive pulled a lot of equipment apart but this looks like a huge job, very cool!
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    Who Bought Those Oshkosh MK-48s???

    I'm sure you guys are incredibly busy and Im sure I'm speaking for everyone your working for saying thanks for the hard work and thought put into this challenging recovery. That said, Im curious about these bolts. What size thread? I remember someone (perhaps you WM) saying there was some short...
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    DID A SSer GET the 911s

    Do you know what it went for? I imagine a logging company or something of that nature bought it. Even when it's expensive to us it's a still a steal for them...
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    Cummins Problems - I figured out what my miss was.

    Great pictures, please keep us updated on the further repair work. Looks like lots of work, good luck!
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    The GOER is gone

    +1 Wrong side of the country :(
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    It's all about length. Many transmissions seem to be longer than the factory trans, making it quite a production to mount it up (moving the transfer case and making several new driveshafts)
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    M936 operation question

    The technical manuals (TM's) are sometimes thousands of pages, if you haven't read through them your missing a lot probably. If you need help troubleshooting after that you've came to the right place, lots of experienced smart guys here!
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    MK48 LVS Need Hydraulics Help - Motion Control Valve

    It's mostly likely not metric as noted, and it should be a standard hydraulic tube fitting. The needle valve and interior components could be made specifically for this app, you might be stuck replacing it. What exactly does this valve do? Almost looks like some sorta check valve setup?
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    fishing for thoughts on a 5 ton 8x8 (fake hemtt)

    Not yet, and honestly it's a pretty ambitious project for me, more of a someday sorta thing. However I'm constantly thinking about it and the details involved. If you plan on doing serious hauling at some point you might also investigate your applicable laws regarding legal weights. I've been...
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    Cummins 400 turbo boost and temp question

    1 and 6 will be coldest unless there's an airflow issue preventing all the cylinders from getting about the same amount of air. Other than that I can't say. I'd plan on moving that one probe around if your just gonna have one, just to be sure.
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    M920 with M870A1

    Very neat, what a great looking truck and trailer! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure we'd all love to see some loaded pics if you get a chance while your working.
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    5th Wheel Plate M920/M916

    I imagine if you called holland they'd be able to get you that info. I had thought Soni had posted that info somewhere but I'm not finding it now. He managed to find it so I'm sure others can too. Edit: As posted earlier in this thread "Holland part# XA-351-A-L-P (cost new about $800.00)"
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    What could cause this EMERGENCY

    I read the title as "what could cause this emergency " not what could cause this, emergency!" But I guess that's just me. As for the air brake thing it doesn't sound like he was confused about what happened, but why. and how he should diagnose. Definitely a case for a good pre trip...
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    M936A2 rear winch control valve

    Ya a custom valve is gonna be expensive if it's done anything like the oe one was. Several steps in making a hyd valve spool. I'd try and find a similar valve setup from a quality manufacturer and use that. Would make future repair/replacement easy too.
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    1200-20 goodyear radials on 816 now

    Great looking truck and I bet it's quite a rare sight in the uk!
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    M939 series towing procedures

    But with the transfer in neutral the output shaft of the automatic transmission shouldn't ever spin right? If the transfer gets oiled properly with just the rear output shaft turning you should be fine. I know some designs need a certain shaft or gear turning to fling oil or drive a pump.
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    m920 broken axle

    Props for getting in there and finding the problem! Also great job snapping a few pics and letting us know what happened, it's a great resource for others! Between this and your tranny valve body/manifold thread you've been a great help to the community and to all the people snagging these...
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    CAT 7155 Manifold rebuild

    Curious as well, some shots look to be aluminum but your latest pics look like steel. Must have been quite the job at the time machining all those bores out and such... Edit: missed the last page! Thanks R Racing
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    New, new M923A1 Pics

    Ya that is quite the truck! I love how new the engine and such looks!
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    MK48 for my MK17

    My vote is hybrid. I do think that it's a shame that means 6x6 vs 8x8 but the whole idea of the mk48/mk17 system is the ability to swap "trailers" with the same power unit. Are you wanting to make use of this feature?
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