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    Starter Bendix Help

    Hi. I had troublelike that. Found out the flywheel had been changed at some time and the starter bendix did not match. I found this that may help you. Chris
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    Steering problems on MB

    Hi. I'm trying to fix the steering on a late Willys MB. Someone has "opperated" on the steering and not got it right - AT ALL. It looks as if the housing is from a M38A1 (larger than MB) but I have a sneaky feeling, that the actual steering coloum with the worm gear is from MB. The function...
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    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    At last ! Found the updated version of the paperwork for that type of vehicle. Seems the Danish army has updated their paperwork and got NSN numbers for the vehicles as they were still in active service af the change from FSN to NSN (here called Nato Stock Numbers) The correct NSN number...
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    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    HI Thanks. I have found out about the NSN & FSN issue. According to info found om Wiki FSN (Federal Stock Number) started in 1955 and ended in 1974, after this the country codes were added and so becoming a 13 digit number. This means, that the Powerwagons in DK should have an FSN number...
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    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    Homework report : Now to learn the difference between NSN (National Stock Numbers) and FSN (Federal Stock Numbers), and how to find them in reverse process. Seems like the numbers in the manual and ordenance overview are NSN. Look for the 2320-192 by the picture.
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    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    Thanks guys, I'll do som homework....
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    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    They were deliveret 1966 - 1969. Dash has only gear lever instruction plate.
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    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    Data plate under hood on firewall .
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    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    Hi The vehicle is a Dodge Power Wagon W300M supplied to Danish army during the sixties. In DK it never got an "M" number. It was supplied as a "DiY" so only the fornt end was original and then it was built up in DK to different versions. In some articles a vehicle that resembles, is noted at...
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    Figuring out NSN and part numbers

    HI. I have tried some of these pages without luck. My problem is I have the vehicle - Dodge W300M - but in order to get copies of release papers from army, I need to give them the NSN number for the type of vehicle. Can anyone here help ? Chris
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    White 666

    Hi. I'm looking for service manuals for the engine on this vehicle - Hercules HXD, specially the waterpump and carburettor. If anyone can give a link to where I can download the manuals and lubrication charts, that would be great. Thanks Have just put new engine in my truck, and it needs tune...
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