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    Cab heater-M35A2

    I have both the hot water and fuel fired setups, though shipping from NE to you would probably be cost prohibitive........ Z
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    New Owner

    Sides, gates, bows, and cover will all interchange between the m101/a1/a2/a3. If you need racks and gates, Gimpy and I have NOS sets with the fiberglass slats available for a very reasonable price..... pm either Gimpyrobb or me for more details.......... Z
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    900 series blower motor...

    Here is what I found----- The motor is NOS-- the fan I am pretty certain is NOS as well, but it is not in a box, only wrapped up in brown paper. Send me a PM if this is what you are after....... Z
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    900 series blower motor...

    I may have one----- Let me go digging tomorrow........ Z
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    S-280 hatch & Demo ideas plus need TM

    Here are pics of the bulbs.......... Z
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    NE huge lot of MG mounts and components for sale

    pics of the coupolas and the chicken shield....... I also have the small covers for the coupola ports........
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    S-280 hatch & Demo ideas plus need TM

    I am pretty sure I have NOS boxes of those small push/turn type bulbs........ PM me......... Z
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    M35A2 Hard Top

    PM me your email---- we cannot send photos through pm........ Z
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    M35A2 Hard Top

    I have a decent top but I am in Norfolk, NE........ shipping would be killer....... Z
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    NE huge lot of MG mounts and components for sale

    Hello all, Pictured below is a lot of MG stuff I have sitting in my shop........ Conservatively, there is north of $20k worth of components for someone who wants to take the time to sell it off piece by piece....... I just want it gone, so I am asking $15k for the lot.......... It consists of...
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    Stewart & Stevenson 6x6 in Hawaii

    OK, off topic but I have to ask-- would you happen to know where I can find an LTS siren like was used on the mad max interceptors? Z
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    Messages from new members replying to wanted ads - PLEASE READ

    Hmm, I got one from our friend "charlie" as well--- but it was a reply to an older want ad I had up a while ago for a deuce airpack....... the pm disappeared shortly thereafter.......... Z
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    Hydroboost P/N's 2770317 vs 2770209

    My understanding (as related to me from a CSMS mechanic years ago in Bordentown, NJ) was that if you used the 1008 booster on a 1009, you would go through the windshield when you hit the brakes-- the other way around, you would have "ok" braking when running empty but loaded would show a...
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    Accessory switch issue

    Pull your power wire to the buzzer (under the dash) and check for power when acc switch is on and no pressure in tanks-- you should see 24v. If so, your buzzer is bad. If not, look at the pressure switch for the air buzzer-- it may have gone bad. I am thinking if your other stuff is getting...
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    M936 Warning Light won't turn with LED's??

    Those lights have a set of spring loaded contact brushes that run on a copper disc below the light deck to give power to the lights..... I will bet that one or more of the brushes is binding in its guide and is not making proper contact...... Also, if you look at the center stem, it may be...
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    What have you cooked in your MKT?

    I have cooked the following: - maiden run was some breakfast foods on the griddle In the years since then: - rendered down about 100 pounds of apples in the large pots for apple butter/ jellies (we have alot of apples at the LZ in Nebraska) - cooked full racks of ribs in the field ranges-- In...
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