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    1986 chevy cucv m1008

    Are the starter drives getting eaten or are you releasing the magic smoke?
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    CUCV Gear Indicator Issue

    Wise words indeed.[thumbzup]
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    Help with bumper numbers

    Wow great information Crapgame. :goodjob: My GrandFather was in WWI Co. E 316th Infantry 79th Division but with horses. 8)
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    M1009 Revival

    Welcome from Missouri! 1009's are really hard to find in the rust belt that do not have rust issues. If you see any area's of interest stop them as soon as possible. And preventative measures to the truck from rust is recommended as well. Visit the search feature and look up some threads on...
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    Hello from the the best Carolina :)

    Looks like you have great condition CUCV and looks to all original condition. Modifying such a truck for adventuring or personal use would be easy. But with such a good specimen I would try to stay as original as possible as these 1010's are getting hard to acquire in original configuration...
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    Hello from the the best Carolina :)

    Welcome from Missouri!
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    CUCV Gear Indicator Issue

    How about you being the primary mechanic. :driver: :goodjob: Everyone begins somewhere and that is part of the fun. :clinto:
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    1986 chevy cucv m1008

    Did you modify all the starters, and why? How was it modified, I do not see a reason to do that unless the wrong starter has been used. The diesel starter is different from the gasoline starter. Are you using the front starter bracket that goes from the starter to the engine block? Are you...
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    CUCV Glow Plugs

    Hello, is the resister still on the center firewall, behind the black shield?
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    Hello from Oregon

    Jumping in with both feet! Welcome from Missouri!
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month December 2020

    Wow what a formation of Steel! The CUCVII looks Sweet! :driver:
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    My first CUCV

    How clean are the contact's in the headlight socket? I just cleaned mine with electric contact spray cleaner. Now they work fine.
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    M1008 - electric setup/glow plugs/loose cable

    .Max. Power., Get down by the starter and see if the purple wire is tight on the solenoid post. Also try and tug on the positive cable and check for being tight . Sounds like initially it has good current that is either arcing out at the solenoid connection or the copper washer in the solenoid...
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    African Queen to go on Display at the National Museum of The US Air Force

    For all the Service use by different Countries and having been in continued outdoor commission the unit looks to be in extraordinary condition. And if not for Mark's curiosity the Half would still be at Sentry Duty in another part of the World. :goodjob::clinto::naner::driver::tank:
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    Having a 5 ton wrecker is handy

    Thanks for donating your time. And the use of your equipment. I would guess that your truck really enjoys being able to streatch out and get some use. After all the fluids need to be moved around lest rust may start to begin.
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    My first CUCV

    What numbers and information is painted under hood? I am never amazed at the level of destruction of the dash pad.
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    My first CUCV

    Looks like the 24 volt system and glowplug system are intact. :) I have one tip for you and that is to blue locktight the air cleaner wing bolts. Those little devils like to come loose and disappear. Looks like there are new ones on there.
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month November 2020

    Good Luck to all participants. I see allot of Heart in all the care devoted to maintaining all the equipment in peak condition. Wow what a Troop.
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    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome from S.E. Missouri! You have the side racks and what else? Are you going to keep them, or lose them?
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