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  1. Mrmag1

    Portable or Bluetooth speakers in a deuce?

    Search around the forums the last 2 days and I haven't found anybody talking about using portable or Bluetooth speakers in a deuce and a half. Now my deuce has a muffler so conversation in there isn't as hard as it used to be, but I want to be able to run a Bluetooth speaker or something for...
  2. Mrmag1

    Temple, TX Air Show May 3-5, 2019

    So unlike last year there is no info on the Temple Air show. I know some of the TX guys go and do a static disply, whos going or has info?
  3. Mrmag1

    PROBLEMS with New basic Hard Top Overhead Console for M35 military vehicles from TMG

    This is going to be long and in depth so bear with me. I recently purchased a “New basic Hard Top Overhead Console for M939 and M35 military vehicles” from Those Military Guys (TMG). (screenshot of the product) (Now let’s not get bogged down by the fact that its M44 series not M35) I own a...
  4. Mrmag1

    M35A2C cargo cover problem

    I own a M35A2 that has a C aka drop side bed, it's great and I have a nice cover with super rope that works great too.... They just don't like each other. Basically the attachment for the bed corners are these large screw style connectors that the cover can't go over (or at least not without...
  5. Mrmag1

    Arizona members!

    Hello all you FMV drivers from the great state of AZ, I am PCSing back to Ft Huachuca soon and was wondering who all is around Arizona. What are the laws for FMVs etc? Any info and some new AZ contacts would rock!
  6. Mrmag1

    PCS move from Ft Hood TX to FT Huachuca AZ

    Well my orders changed again and looks like I am going back to Arizona! I know this rote like the back of my hand I have driven it at least 200 times in my life, but if anyone is on the way or has any tips I am all ears. You can always learn something new or head some new advice. I am driving...
  7. Mrmag1

    PCS move from Ft Hood, TX to Ft Stewart, GA. May-June 2019

    Well PCS season is coming fast, this spring I am PCSing to Ft Stewart GA and I'm driving the M35A2 the whole way! This is more of a need then a want, I can't afford to ship her and might as well use her to move my stuff. As I get closer I'll post the route and the timeline, just figured I'd come...
  8. Mrmag1

    M35A2 military conversion to diesel only?

    I have a 1971 M35 that was last overhauled by the Army in 89 (the work order was for seatbelt upgrades looks like). A few retired Army maintenance friends of mine seem to think that there was a point where alot of the A2s where converted to diesel only (not the full A3 conversion). Now if this...
  9. Mrmag1

    M35A2 Parking brake shoe rivet tool?

    So I have looked through the arcives of old posts (finding more and more 404 errors as of late) and cannot find a tool or a link to a tool to use on my parking brake shoe rivets. I got a new set of brake shoe liners with rivets from big Mike's motor pool with rivets. My problem is I have no idea...
  10. Mrmag1

    M35A2 in-tank fuel pump gasket

    Well I've decided to drop the tank and pull the fuel pump because she stopped pumping (fuse and leads are good and power is flowing). So I'm going to clean the tank and replace gaskets on the pump and sender... There is the problem, I can't find for the life of me a gasket for it, so I'll make...
  11. Mrmag1

    Tool box / BII box lock

    Hey guys and gals, So my tool box on my M35A2 doesn't really lock anymore as the holes on top of and bottom of the latch are wollowed out bad. Has anyone fixed this or know where I can find a new door? Or... Attached a different locking system?
  12. Mrmag1

    My M35A2 BUILD (I know there has to be thousands of these by now)

    I figured it was time to start my build thread, I will be posting limited for the time being but when I get home I am hitting the ground running (my wife will love that I am sure). I am having a 1971 M35A2 W/W restored as a M35A2C Wo/W. Now I know what you are going to say, what?!?!?! You are...
  13. Mrmag1

    M35A2 grill guard

    So after searching the site and looking through the TMs (maybe I couldn’t find the right -30) I can't find the part number or description of the mesh guard on the grill guard. My M35A2 doesn’t have one and I honestly want one for looks and to better protect the radiator.
  14. Mrmag1

    Chat room

    I decided to re-read the rules to the site (sheer boredom here folks yes I am that bored) and after reading about the chat room rules I decided to find said chat room and check it out..... Trouble is I can’t find it on my navigation bar or the drop downs.
  15. Mrmag1

    M35A2 needing super singles

    I want to put super singles on my M35A2, I don't want split rims anymore as they are unsafe. Basically I need 7 to replace all axels and the spare. I would also need adaptor plates if they are MRAP etc. Shipping would be to Killeen TX.
  16. Mrmag1

    Post your M35A2 passenger seat upgrades

    I would love to see all the different seat and passenger seat upgrades people have done for the M35A2!
  17. Mrmag1

    Liberty Hill TX M35A2 build

    Looking for advice or experience of others in TX that might have dealt with Auction plus AKA I am currently getting a M35A2 rebuild by them (I am deployed and don't possess the time or tools for it myself). Has anyone dealt with them in the past? The only reason I...
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