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  1. Mustangsud

    M1070 HET Speed Improvement

    Has anyone with a HET undertaken modifications to get the speed up? Replacing four pumpkins can't be fun, but just curious about any mods. My 55 mph trucks I want to run 65, but I'd be happy getting the HET just up to 55.
  2. Mustangsud

    New lower hitch

    Had a welding shop weld a lower pintle bracket for pulling our normal ht. trailers. We don't pull anything extraordinarily heavy. Our intention is to do some testing with various loads and evaluate for any bending and cracking. They used same size steel as what the OEM bracket is made of.
  3. Mustangsud

    Picked up a M1095

    Just got a M1095. These don’t come along too often.
  4. Mustangsud

    Converting 416v output to 480v output

    The data plate on my 30-60-100 kw sets say 3 ph 416v. Is there a simple solution to get the output voltage to 480v. I'm not an electrical guru, so any assistance appreciated.
  5. Mustangsud

    Picked up containerized kitchen

    Almost everything on board. Only missing prep side canvas frame rails and the two refrigerators. Needs a good pressure washing inside and out to remove a ton of red sand. I look forward to getting this dude ready to roll.
  6. Mustangsud

    Kienzle Argo tachographs

    My 916 tach isn't working. Speedo and overspeed light working fine. Is there any source of new replacements for these? I opened it up and everything looks fine, but for some reason no tach movement.
  7. Mustangsud

    Containerized Kitchen

    Is anyone pulling one of these with the stock load? If so, what are you pulling it with? I’m about to get one, and I’m still debating whether to pull it with a M1083 or M934.
  8. Mustangsud

    Anyone own and routinely drive an M911?

    I have a chance to get one, but am concerned about drivability, turn radius, maintenance, parts, etc... Anyone care to share firsthand experience?
  9. Mustangsud

    What nomenclature is this trailer?

    And what truck does it connect to?
  10. Mustangsud

    M870A1 Rear Axle

    Does anyone know where I could find a rear trailer axle assembly? The part number is D22AX503-209. I'm not having much luck finding it by internet search. It's the rear axle of the 40 ton low boy M870A1.
  11. Mustangsud


    Apparently the posting police don’t care for me trying to notify people about this event, so just forget it.
  12. Mustangsud

    M373A2 Anyone have one?

    I'm curious about the pin size and level height. In the M1088 TM it shows that tractor to be suitable for this trailer. Has anyone pulled one of these with a M916 series? I'm assuming since the fifth wheel height is about the same it should be ok.
  13. Mustangsud

    Turn signal handle switch

    I know it's a long shot, but would anyone happen to know a part number or manufacturer of the turn signal switch on the steering column? Mine is bad, as you can feel improper contacting as it moves, and hear slight shorting in the switch. I'm not finding anything just searching randomly...
  14. Mustangsud

    Any interest in a 1-day get together in DFW?

    Would any of you located close to DFW be interested in a 1-day Saturday get together sometime? I’ve got a great place to hold it if there’s enough interest. I don’t have anymore specifics at this time. I’m just gauging if there’s any interest in doing something like it.
  15. Mustangsud

    M934A2 Joins the fleet

    Picked up this morning. 1,100 mi. since 8.3 BMY engine and truck overhaul. Runs and drives great.
  16. Mustangsud

    New addition to the family

    Just picked this combo up: M1083A1 with a M1082. The truck is like new 2000 mi. and LED's all around. Trailer barely scratched. Looks like it just sat in a yard it's whole life.
  17. Mustangsud

    Hood Rubber Hold Down Latch

    Does anyone happen have a source of the proper replacement hood hold down? I'm missing my R side. I've looked around but cannot seem to find an exact duplicate. Doesn't seem like it should be that difficult. The bungee portion is about 12" long.
  18. Mustangsud

    Sherwin Williams

    I know most people are painting Mil camo, but we are having really good luck with SW Urethane Alkyd Enamel on our equipment.
  19. Mustangsud

    Got my MK30 Today

    354 miles on the OD. Runs, drives and dumps just fine.
  20. Mustangsud

    1500 GPH Tactical Water Purification Manuals

    Anyone have these? I've searched online, but cannot find the full manuals. I have the MC version unit, but I think the Army and Marine units had the same TM's. Any help appreciated.
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