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  1. IdahoPlowboy

    Coldest starting temp.

    It was -17 here this morning and wanted to do a drive on the ranch with the 1009 but didnt plug it in, Well an hour later After being plugged in it started fine. I never tried to start the truck until after it was plugged in. So what is the coldest temps some of you have started your trucks in...
  2. IdahoPlowboy

    My 1028

    Here are pics I took yesterday of my truck.
  3. IdahoPlowboy

    1028 4" lift questions

    I am lifting my 1028 and would like to know if it is a good idea to drop the transfer case a inch or leave it as is. Yes I did a search and the answers were all over the place. It also looks like when I drop the tcase it will put my exhaust pipe on the vacuum modulator.
  4. IdahoPlowboy

    Lost posts?

    I lost my post count. It went from 100 or 101 down to 95 or 96 What gives?:-(
  5. IdahoPlowboy

    M1009 spare tire hardware.

    Where does one find the hardware that holds the spare tire on a m1009? I have the frame part but cant find the bolt, large washer thing and the threaded handle.
  6. IdahoPlowboy

    Poly leaf spring bushings

    I would like to replace these bushings but my LMC catalog lists many different sizes for the front and the rear, does any body know what sizes the M1009s use? Thanks for any help with this.
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