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  1. mutt_r

    Looking for Yoke Assy

    I am still looking for the yoke assy P/N 11601566 (issue July 1976 TM -34P , figure 107, item 2). NOS or used is welcome. Would be great you guys have one for me or can tell me a source in the USA. Thanks for taking a look, Richard
  2. mutt_r

    Strange noise - but from where?

    Last Saturday I drove 80 miles with the Goat. No problems. On Sunday, after 1.5 miles of driving, there was a noise which I never heard before. I stopped and made a walkaround. Nothing to see. Shafts okay, engine oil level okay, cooling water level okay. So I continued my drive - with no noise...
  3. mutt_r

    Wiper Motor

    I got some new wiper arms and wiper blades for my Goat. Unfortunately I cannot use and install them. The former owner installed civil wiper motors which I cannot identify. But they are not M561 related. Does somebody know, where I can find a wiper motor for the driver and passenger side? NOS or...
  4. mutt_r


    First I am not a guru in a vehicle's electricity. But I have a problem with my Goat where some help or a good advice might be very helpful. This is the situation: When I am on the brake pedal or setting the turn signal to the right, the bulb on the carrier's right hand (driver's side) is not...
  5. mutt_r

    Seal to protect the axle shaft

    Hi, After repairing my Goat's brakes in 2014 I had some fun in driving it. This year a friend of mine made new brake shoe pins for my Goat, because I wasn't able to find some. So I had to open all six drums again. And on the left front axle I found - again - mud and rust in the brake drum :-( ...
  6. mutt_r

    Looking for the TM9-2320-242-20 Manual

    Just went thru the manual section of this site and found two times the TM -20. Unfortunately both threads are not allowing to download anything. I have a TM -20 here on my desk, but the electrical diagrams are incomplete. Seems to me somebody forgot to unfold them before pressing the Copy...
  7. mutt_r

    How can this be fixed

    I had problems to get my wheel from the hub. Finally it happened and it was a little bit tricky. Thanks to Loctite :naner: which was helpful, too. Now the question. From the -34P I can see that it should be a bolt with a ribbed shoulder. But mine isn't ribbed. How can I get the bolt (steel)...
  8. mutt_r

    Accident ?

    This weekend I finished the tear-down process of my Deuce and a Half. After the engine and the gear box were moved away, I saw that the frame on the right is following a bow. The frame on the left side is straight. This brings me to the question whether my Deuce had an accident in the past or...
  9. mutt_r

    Search for a lever for my S-280 sgelter

    Search for a lever for my S-280 shelter Hi, I am looking for a lever for my S-280 shelter. Any ideas where I can get one? Or does someone here has one (or two) for me?
  10. mutt_r

    WTB Gama Goat parts

    Perhaps this has been asked earlier. Is there a good source where I can buy parts for the Gama Goat? Am looking for some parts because of a coming restoration project. TIA, Richard
  11. mutt_r

    Cab like an onion

    During my Deuce restoration project I found this. The cab was having a sheet of metal over another sheet of metal, two layers. Is this normal? Or was this the try to repair something? I removed the outer layer and the inner layer is not as worst as I expected. Further the inner sheet of metal is...
  12. mutt_r

    Unknown Bracket

    I found this bracket but nothing was mounted to it. For what is it usally needed? And this eyelet looks to me not even original. It was welded to the frame left of the spare tire mount. Any ideas?
  13. mutt_r

    M35A2 front harness

    I've to change my Deuce's front harness because it is damaged. Got a new one and started to remove the old one. Switches. mounts and screws are already unfastened. And now comes my big question mark. How can I remove the old harness in a simple way. At the moment it seems to me, I have to remove...
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