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    Can anyone ID this?

    Listed on craigslist right now, I'm sure someone will buy it before me but wanted your guys input just in case its a score. Going to look in person. Anyone recognize this generator at all? Seller says it has a crosly engine? That would date it around ww2. Any info would be great guys. Jared
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    MK-17 Trailer

    Is this just the back half of an HEMTT? Can you use with other trucks? Looks like it has a driveshaft sticking out but yet is being sold as a trailer... There's one on a certain auction site with bed and crane.
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    5 ton sighting

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this but i saw a pretty nice looking 5 ton near my girlfriends house the other day, thought i would share. Sorry for the poor pictures, but i do have a question, what is it and does it happen to be anyones here? Looks to be in great shape. Jared...
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    Low bids

    So are there minimum bids on GL? I read the terms and conditions and it does have a bit in there about how they can refuse to sell an item because the auction didn't get as high as they wanted. So say a trailer or a truck or something big like that sits at 150 or something, does it sell at...
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