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    CUCV Antenna Assembly-Radio Rack

    Wanted 2 CUCV antenna bases, springs and masts. Or converted to CB use ok. Any or all parts what do you have?
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    CUCV Stickies

    I am so glad :clinto: that I belong to a Great Forum :beer: that provides such a wealth of information. :goodjob: The Forum Members are some of the best helpful MV Owners, and are World Wide Jack.:rant: And the Stickies are a beginning point to start from. :tank: I am finished carry on :soapbox:
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    Salvage Yard Fun

    Instead of the Mopar Nationals John wanted to go yard shopping for a front bumper for his 08' "Dodge" or Ram. Hit a 9 pointer dead center and veed the bumper and the deer skipped off. So my Brother and I went to a couple yards in Illinois today, one across from the dragstrip in Madison Ill...
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    Gov Planet: Is SF97 REQUIRED Prior To Pick-Up?

    I have began bidding again on trucks of all flavors and have been thinking about how long the wait would be for pick up. Will they let you pick up truck without 97? As long as the 97 comes I am in no hurry but a 1 year wait kind of concerns me.
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    Holiday Weekend

    I woke up the CUCV yesterday and went through my checklist for driving the 1008 around for doing errands, or just General Cruising. I know that most here keep their equipment in the best condition possible. But maybe just check one thing not ordinarily checked or passed by. Today may be the...
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    Extend My Membership

    Maybe I am missing something but I would like some assistance on extending my paid membership. I have explored all avenues that may direct me but still No Joy. I sure would like to take advantage of the reduced dues donation while still available. Would someone help direct me into a thread or...
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    Jefferson Barracks Mo. WWII Weekend

    Starting on the 26th Friday, continues with 2 Battles on the 27th and has another Battle on the 28th, Sunday, 2019 I got the Link from a thread, 54 REO stated a couple years ago. It is a great gathering of period equipment and dress.
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    Dog Head Relay

    GP#1463174 Looking through the latest auctions and found a picture that looks like the DH Relay was used by a service mechanic. How Ironic!
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    Desoto Mo.

    Spotted Nice condition two and a half at O'Reilly's Auto Parts in Desoto Missouri. Just wondering if local owned and member of Steel Soldiers?
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    CUCV Grill

    Hello Steel Soldiers, I have a question about the grill on my truck. I have an 84 M1008A1, and when I acquired the truck I noticed that the grill seemed to be different from others that I have seen, or have yet to see another one like it. The center of the grill does not have the Chevrolet...
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    1008 CUCV 4 Antenna Locations

    Hello all, when I purchased the 1008 from Ft. Riley I always wondered why the bed of the truck had used all four mounting points for the antenna positions. It also has a power cable added, running to the passenger side to the inside of the bed. The bed also had at one time had a cover on. What...
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    Cucv 105a2

    I was wanting to purchase a 105A2 to pull behind my 1008 but don't know if the 105 is too tall to drag behind an unmodified 1008. Since we have National Guard Engineer Units nearby I wanted to have a pioneer setup to have for parade duty in town. Or does the 1008 need to be lifted to be at...
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    First Post.... Big Red One M1008

    Hello Ladies and Gents. I have had Chevrolet 4X4's of some sort for many, many years. I now have added to the current fleet a 1984 D30 M1008 that I have procured from Ft, Riley. Very good condition with an interesting camo paint scheme. I will have to say that currently having a 82 K30...
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    Testing Testing

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