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    Shock on suspension seat question

    Hi, I have a question about the shoscks on the suspension seats.... I recently purchased a pair and I thought they were locked like regular shocks ( where you twist them out and they extend ) and they didn't extend, in fact I had to pull them out and then they didn't rebound which I believe most...
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    M809 Top Cab Mount (11658719)

    Hi, I'm looking for the top to the cab mount because mine is messed up. If anyone has one I'd be willing to buy it. Thanks. ( The part I'm looking for is number 13 on the image )
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    M818 axle question

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone happens to know what sizes of axle nut sockets I need to remove the hubs? I'm about to overhaul all the axles on my truck and noticed the big nuts on the end and I obviously have no socket that big.... Thanks for any help
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    Bridge truck question....

    I noticed on the 800 series bridge trucks that they have dual 49's on the rear and was wondering if anyone knows how much the weight of those dual tires and wheels affected the performance of the truck? Thanks for any input.
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    M818 Steering Play

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone who has driven a M818 would know about how much play is supposed to be in the steering box? Right now I can turn my wheel a quarter each way before it engages the tires to turn. So I was wondering if that is normal or if it's time for a new box? Thanks for any advice.
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    Rear engine mount question

    Hi, Just was wondering if anybody has the part number or would know the part number to the rear engine mounts for the M915A1? The one with the 400 Cummins in it. Changed my my bell housing over to Cummins 3016637 so now I need the mounts off that truck to make it mount to my frame. I noticed...
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    Question about MaxPro wheels

    I was wondering if the dual MaxPro wheels are the same measurements as the stock m800 5 ton series wheels? Mainly was wondering if the offset was the same. From what I could measure my wheel itself is about 8 inches and my offset is 3 but because its still mounted on the truck its a little...
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    M818 5 speed Transmision question

    I've read on a lot of different posts here that the gap between 3rd-4th and 4th-5th is pretty bad, also have not found a suitable replacement for the tranny without serious modification to the truck. I am putting a turbo and was wondering if that will take up some of the lag in the shift points...
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    Transmission swap question

    I was thinking about swapping out my transmission in my XM818 to a Fuller 10 speed. Was wondering if it would mate up to the NHC 250 Cummins, or if there would be any clearance issues or anything like that? Would the stock clutch pedal work, would there even be enough room between the trans and...
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    More Wheel Questions

    I was wondering what wheels come with the run-flats and what wheels don't? Also if a wheel came with run-flats do you have to put them back in? Been looking at HEMTT wheels, and also combat wheels, and I also noticed aluminum MRAP dually wheels just playing around with different size tires...
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    Rear Suspension Question

    What's the best way to remove the top torque arms on the rear suspension? I can get to the mounts on the axle and remove them easy enough the problem I got is trying to get the two that go on the passenger side on the top behind the leaf spring... I could take the whole spring off but would...
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    Tire and Wheel question

    Just wondering if the 14.00R20s would fit on the stock M818 11.00R20 wheel? Because the recommended wheel width for the 11.00R20 tire is 8 inches and the 14.00R20 is 10 inches would it be that much of an issue? Thanks
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    M818 Wiring Question

    Was wondering if anyone knows if there's a wiring harness kit? or Full on replacement wires? My trucks wires have all been spliced into by the previous owners and they're fried as well just wondering if anybody knows of a kit or if I could just rewire the whole truck with new heavy gauge wiring...
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    M818 Steel Hard Top Question

    Was looking into replacing my canvas top with a hard top simple question really if anyone knows how heavy is the steel top for the M818 truck? I don't need exact but an approximate would be just wondering if one person can put it on and off themselves.
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    Another T-1138 Question

    What size wrench do I need for the bolt that holds the flange on? My adjustable won't fit in there and none of my wrenches or ratchets are the right size anyone have any idea?
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    T-1138 Question

    I just got my T-1138 today and I had noticed that my shaft to the transmission doesn't turn the shaft to the rear shaft with the drum on it but the rear shaft when turned turns the shaft to that would go to the transmission is that normal? Does that mean the transfer case needs constant air to...
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    Rear Suspension

    I was wondering how much articulation I would lose if I switched the camel back suspension on the rear of my xm818 to front five ton leaf springs? And before everybody says don't bob the truck trust me I'm not planning to. The reason I want to switch the suspension is two parts. 1) I like the...
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    14.00x20 dualed tires

    I was just wondering how wide my Xm818 would be if I put dual 14.00x20s in the back? I know I can put super singles and that would make them 53" but even though the 14.00x20s are only 49" I thought dualed up on the back would look badazz. Just wondering if anybody would have a round about idea...
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    Cab question

    I was thinking about removing the cab it seemed like it'd be an easier way to take out the old transfer case and put in the new one. My question is would I be able to or with the help of maybe one more person lift the cab off manually if I stripped off the doors, windshield, and roof and all...
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    Spicer 5 speed question

    I was wondering if the airlines that go to my transmission just control the poppet valve? I will be replacing the transfer case in my xm818 and putting an air switch in the dash so I won't need the poppet valve anymore. I would like to remove the airlines from the transmission just wasn't sure...
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